Naval Army Commander denies holding joint exercises with NATO and preventing Ahmadinejad from elections


Jahan Sanaat
The Newspaper dealt with the causes of truce failure in Syria, accusing the armed opposition forces to carry out attacks after the announcement of the truce in several areas.

Mordam Salari
The Newspaper criticized Masoud Mortazavi, the former Tehran Prosecutor of his letter to Khamenei, apologizing for what happened in the events of Kahrizak detention center.

News Roundup
A meeting between Saudi energy minister and Iranian oil minister in Algeria.
Iran’s air defense warning a spy foreign aircraft.
“EURO”, An Italian Battleship arrived in Iran on a mission.

Jahan Sanaat Newspaper
Reasons of truce failure in Syria
Jahan Sanaat newspaper looking in its editorial for the reasons of truce failure in Syria, Iranian newspapers predicted the failure of this truce, once announced, for reasons such as the Russian and American agreement about identifying the armed groups to which can be described as a terrorist, and those that are considered as armed opposition groups. The editorial says that ceasefire agreement in Syria started on Sep. 12th and failed like any other truce exactly as the last February truce, furthermore, an international support group of Syria meeting, which was held on Thursday, September 22 in New York, failed to reach a positive outcome and resolve the Syrian crisis. The editorial says that the first reason of the last truce reasons’ failure was the American fighter jets, which attacked Bashar forces’ positions in Deir al-Zour area. Nevertheless, the editorial forgetting that Bashar forces in the first days of the truce bombed Aleppo with explosive barrels and ground troops moved to Muadhamiyat al-Sham. The editorial accused the US forces that bombed an aid convoy of United Nations. The editorial also accuses armed opposition forces with carrying out attacks after the announcement of the truce in several regions of Daraa, Homs, Hama and Latakia. All in all, the editorial handle the responsibility in America and opposition forces of violating the truce, although Russia bear some responsibility also, and then say in the end that the peace agreements will not solve the Syrian crisis, not even the military operations and that the solution to emphasize the Syrians’ right of self-determination. However, the editorial forgetting again that Syria has been emptied of its inhabitants, and Syrians abroad became more than who live inside Syria, can the fleeing be assured and return to Syria before achieving stability of the internal situation in Syria.

Mordam Salari Newspaper
Hoped to be seven years ago
Mordam Salari Newspaper criticized Masoud Mortazavi, former Tehran Prosecutor of sending a letter to Khamenei, apologizing for what happened in Kahrizak detention center. The letter sparked outrage among Iranian citizens, as well as Iranian newspapers that reacted with popular anger. The editorial says that the letter, which Mortazavi announced two weeks ago, mentioned phrases of regretting, repentance and asking for forgiveness, have led to open the case after seven years of the event. Dre Najafabadi, Prosecutor General of Iran at that time, then announced that he was refusing to transfer those arrested people in the demonstrations from their prison to Kahrizak prison. Moreover, what happened at that time is the death of a number of prisoners during the transfer process, including dual citizenship woman, an Iranian-Canadian. Subsequently, Canada cut its relations with Iran officially, and still adopting strict stances with Iran because of the incident. The editorial poses some questions about the incident of how Mortazavi was able to violate the decision of his direct supervisor; Mortazavi has been honored after the incident and awarded as the Model of the judiciary Director. The second question is why Dre Najafabadi notes were not announced that time, and if they have been announced early, many things would be changed, and what is the motive behind announcing them today? Moreover, what measures have been taken so as not to repeat such events? Already there is a state of chaos and violation of laws within the Iranian judiciary that produce such disasters from time to time. Therefore, the current Iranian Minister of Justice is proud of his implementation of death penalty against 12 thousand political prisoners in 1988 who are imprisoned that have been sentenced to prison, so how they executed collectively, this ostentatious man and served as justice minister in the government of Rouhani, which dubbed itself the government of moderation.

Afarinsh Newspaper
Excessing and wasting the cultural issues
Afarinsh newspaper discusses in its editorial today the cultural and social dimensions of increasing the cosmetic formulations phenomenon in the Iranian society, especially after the announcement that Iran is the first country in the Middle East in importing cosmetics. The editorial says that cosmetic companies in the west suffer from recession and direct most of its products for an elderly segment of the Iranian society. While the first consumer of cosmetics is young people, and many products are now geared to those who are under the age of fifteen. Interpretations of psychologists say that the frequent use of cosmetics expresses the lack of self-confidence, but it is not acceptable to acknowledge that the majority of the community has a sense of self-confidence. The use of cosmetics in the Iranian society has been a public culture, it cannot be returned for one reason, but maybe there are many reasons help to spread this phenomenon, including the rising of marriage age. Therefore, women based on aspects such as clothing, cosmetics and even their own certain viewpoints behaviors of adopting opinions or the way of speaking and these are things trained to adjust the state in the surrounding community environment. There is another factor to keep up with the entourage and lack of anomaly, as finery outside the home became the norm of the Iranian society. When a young girl enters the study or work communities and considers itself separated from others, she sees that her appearance and behaviors must be changed to merge with people around. Thus, the image that the Iranian society provided in the early years of revolution have vanished from the Iranian street, and there is no one longer proud of dark color clothing and staying away from finery outside the home.

♦ Iran creating new stores of oil reserves

Iran now is seeking to establish a number of new repositories for crude oil reserves in order to raise exports in the regions of “Ghanawa and Omidiyeh.” It is scheduled that the new capacity of reserves of crude oil in the Ghanawa reaching 10 million barrels of oil, after the use of four new stores in Kharej Island station. Managing Director of Iran’s oil terminals said that the rise of crude oil reserve capacity increases the bargaining power to sell.
Source: Tafahom Newspaper

♦ Business forum between Tehran and Seoul

President of Commercial Development Authority in Iran and the Head of the business center and investment in South Korea approved to set up a business forum between Tehran and Seoul. According to public relations report in the Iranian Trade Development Authority, that these business forums intended to be a popular destination for traders from both countries to distinguish opportunities and needs as well as informing them about answers in the commercial development bodies in Korea and Iran.
Source: Tejarat Newspaper

♦ Iran will unveil “Khorramshahr” long-range missile soon

Minister of Defense, Hossein Dehghan, stated that “Ghadir,”Sajeel” and “Khorramshahr” long-range missiles will be unveiled this year. He added that these three rockets are long-range missiles, working with solid fuel and have accurate targeting. He added that ballistic missiles surface-surface would be expanded so that they can hit long-range maritime targets. At the same time, “Cruise” missiles that are launched from the coast to the sea or from boats will be also able to target all maritime targets, pointing to the launch of production line for “Zulfikar” missiles of solid fuel, and will enter service in the armed forces by the end of this year.
Source: Tasnim Agency

♦ Air defense warning a spy foreign aircraft

Khatam Alanbia Base commander, Amir-Farzad Ismaili, explained that it must rely on internal sources in order to achieve economic self-sufficiency. He pointed to the need for the state to plan in the field of resistance economy, citing that the Base fighters warned in recent days the spy aircraft when it sought to overcome the Iranian airspace, and forced to change its flight. He expressed that these same Braves in 2013 had taken down ISAF aircraft carrying 108 passengers. Moreover, any aircraft has not been allowed to fly in the Iranian sky without permission.
Source: Sharq Newspaper

♦ Bahnar: prevent Ahmadinejad from entering the elections

Secretary General of Islamic Society of Engineers, Mohammad Reza Bahnar, stressing the continued efforts for a consensus of conservatives for the next election that Ahmadinejad, and due to certain reasons is prevented from entering into the next election. Bahnar during his monthly speaking for the complex, explained that Ahmadinejad was from the strong possibilities to run for the presidency, but for certain reasons that he has been prevented from participating, pointing out that every effort will be made by conservatives to reach consensus on a candidate, stressing on the search for a popular candidate.
Source: Asr Iran Site

♦ “EURO” Italian battleship docked on the pier of the first region of Iranian Navy army

The Italian barge “EURO” have docked on the pier of the first region of naval forces of the Iranian army. The first region commander, Amir Azad added that given the internationality of naval forces among the world, they are sending military naval units every year as a fleet of barges and aviation units to other countries. He pointed out that the aim of these visits is the international maritime trade, and sometimes in order to do joint naval exercises between the two countries, saying that the barge that has been sent from Italy, came to Iran for political, cultural and military purposes.
Sources: Etelaat Newspaper and Fares Agency

♦ Iranian naval army chief: no joint exercises with NATO

Chief of Iranian naval army, Habibollah Sayari, said that the Marine Group 43 is busy to carry out its missions in the Gulf of Aden. He pointed to the start of the school year ceremony in the top university of national defense that peace and friendship group combined of rocket ships and ship tanker for soldiers were sent to Pakistan ports to send a message of peace and friendship.
Sayari also accentuated that there was no plan to hold a joint exercise with NATO forces, but at the time of Italian Friendship Group, a joint naval training will be held, according to the layouts, this group will visit the Iranian naval coast of Italy.
Source: Youth Correspondents Club Agency

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