Iran’s Press (22nd Aug 2016) Iran is buying Russia’s Sukhoi airplane fighters and the arrest of Japan’s ambassador in Tehran


– Ebtikar newspaper criticizes the parliamentary resolution to secretly discuss Iran’s oil agreements
– Merdam newspaper attacks Iran’s sports minister due to the low number of medals Iran has won, and the deterioration of the Iranian sports
– Etimad Newspaper discusses Rouhani’s performance until the next electoral race

– Iran’s Ministry of Defense reveals that Tehran is buying Russia’s Sukhoi airplane fighters, and handles the Russian use of Nojeh air force base

– Japan reveals the arrest of its ambassador in Tehran
– Zarif arrives in Cuba

– Growing demand for Iran’s oil

– Children for sale in Tehran

Merdam Salari
“Iran’s sports level or Sports Minister’s level”
This newspaper criticized Iran’s sports minister due to the low number of medals achieved in the Summer Olympic Games in Rio this year compared to that in London 2012. The minister said, “This is the level of sports in Iran,” but the press responded, “This is the level of sports minister in Iran.” Four years ago, Iran achieved four gold, five silver, and three bronze medals in London, while this time in Rio, it has achieved three gold, one silver, and four bronze medals; consequently, Iran has lost its seventeenth position back to the twenty-fifth on the world. This is actually considered failure compared to the previous games during Ahmadinejad’s era. In fact, Rouhani made great expectations on Rio Games as a positive point in his electoral campaign, but results were disappointing to him. Sports Minister also angered the Iranian sports circle when he expressed his satisfaction with results compared to previous games. They also criticized the minister’s focus on Soccer and ignoring other sports, stressing that the Minister’s bad policies have led to the deterioration of Iran’s sports situation in Iran, which has driven the Iranian sports coaches and experts to leave the country to work in Uzbekistan and Morocco.

Etimad Newspaper
“Rouhani’s trail until elections”
This editorial handled Rouhani’s political path until the next presidential elections in May 2017. It said, “Over three years, Rouhani’s main focus was on reviving the economy along with running centrifuges in nuclear reactors.” However, the editorial added, the economy is not functioning based on slogans like orders and revolutionary, which was adopted by Ahmadinejad and damaged the Iranian economy. In fact, Rouhani’s government has achieved economic growth that shifted the minus 8.6% of Nejad’s government to 4.4% which is; unfortunately, unnoticed by the Iranian people because of lack of cash flow crisis among most economic sectors and the constant rate of high unemployment. In order to do what he promised, Rouhani should move toward a renaissance in the construction sector and industrial cities; he has to guarantee people’s rights and freedoms and respect art and artists. If Rouhani, according to the newspaper does his promises and makes more achievements, he will absolutely win the next presidential race.

Ebticar Newspaper
“Oil agreements: Experts whispers and Parliamentarians Talk”
This newspaper declared its rejection of the Iranian parliamentary resolution to secretly conduct the Iranian agreements discussions. The editorial says that recent developments in renewable energy technologies, and severe competition by oil-exporting countries to seize Iran’s oil market share, evolves the need to swiftly sign oil agreements. The editorial added, Iran’s new form of oil agreements gives foreign companies more amenities to invest in this sector, especially in high-risk areas and shared oil fields with the Gulf States, particularly Qatar and Kuwait. In fact, Rouhani’s government seeks swift implementation of economic agreements to take the lead in the political rivalry, while Khamenei disrupts the signing of such agreements, and then turn them to the parliament for ratification that will finally adopt Khamenei’s point of view. The editorial believes that critics of such agreements have gone beyond limits through the accusation of the minister of oil of being bribed in order to sign these agreements. The editorial wonders if Zangah that has been in his position for thirty years is qualified to design such agreements or it is just a sacrifice of the Iranian interests for the sake o political race.

♦ New countries importing oil from Iran

After the nuclear Deal, the number of oil-importing countries from Iran has increased to ten countries, especially from Asia and Europe. Irna news agency reported that China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Turkey are now importing Iran’s oil.
It is noted that during sanctions, Iran was banned from exporting oil to the European countries except to Turkey. Iran’s exports to Turkey during that period amounted to 60-100 thousand barrels per day.
Source: IRNA Agency

♦ Children for sale and rent in Tehran

Member of Tehran Municipality, Fatmah Danshor stated that there are about 500 cases of child labor in the third and first areas. About 90 of these children are below 12 years old, she added. As for begging, Danshor said that these children are not the only part of the problem, but, in fact, there are no real steps to eliminate this phenomenon, asserting that these children are exposed to sale or were forced to beg.
Source: Asr Iran

♦ 41 People Killed in Vague Circumstances
41 people were killed in vague circumstances in Tehran during the first quarter of this year. Forensic Statistics stated that those people died of carbon monoxide poisoning with 5.1 increase rates compared with the same period of last year. Statistics revealed that the total number of deaths caused by carbon monoxide poisoning were 164 cases; 122 men, and 42 women.
Source: Arman Emroz Newspaper

♦ Iran is ranked third in inventions in the region

Assistant president for science and technology affairs, Sourna Stary, stated that during the past two years Iran has witnessed significant growth in inventions, moving 28 points ahead. He added that Iran occupies the third rank in the region after India and Kazakhstan, according to the international indicator for inventions, stressing on the important role of this indication in the knowledge-based economy. Stary added that this was a goal sought by the scientific department in the presidency of the republic during the past years, and asserted that the manufacturing of the jet engine will be the turning point of the Iranian space and air industries.
Source: ISNA Agency

♦ The arrest of Japan’s Ambassador in Tehran

The Japanese embassy in Tehran declared that Ambassador, Hiroyaso Kobayashi, was arrested on April 28th of this year for a short period of time. According to the Japanese Times newspaper, Japan’s embassy reported its objection to this procedure to Iran’s foreign Ministry, asserting that although the ambassador had some alcoholics during a local visit, the reason for the arrest was unknown, referring to prohibition of alcoholics in Iran
Source: Jame-Jam Newspaper

♦ Zarif: the Iranian foreign policy is based on considerably firm correlations with Latin America

Iranian foreign minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, has arrived in Cuba at the first leg of a five Latin American country tour.
Zarif said that his country is standing by the Cuban people against the tyrannical sanctions imposed on Cuba by the United States for more than five decades, asserting that his country’s foreign policy is based on maintaining a strong correlation with Latin American nations in both political and economic aspects.
Zarif arrived in Cuba heading a 120 politico-economic delegation. 60 of them are private sector managers, while 20 others of the public sector. Moreover, Zarif stated that Iran has Embassies in eleven of the twenty Latin American Countries.
Source: Tasnim Agency

♦ Iran’s Ministry Of defense reveals that Tehran is buying Russia’s Sukhoi airplane fighters

During a television interview with Iran’s TV, Iran’s Defense Minster, Hussein Dahqhan, stated that Iran will sign a deal to purchase Russian-made Sukhoi fighter aircraft as it upgrades its military forces. He also stated that his country is not in need for the purchase of systems like the Russian S-300 air defense system that will be installed where needed. He added that by activating “Power 373” systems Iran does not need to buy long-range air defense missiles. Minister Dahghan also said, “We believe the Iranian Air Force needs this type of plane. We’ve moved far in these discussions of purchases and I think that a contract will be signed soon.”
As for the Russian air bombers on Nojeh air force base in Hamadan, Dahghan Said, “Iran did not grant Russia a military base. Russians are willing to look as a superpower and a major player, so their presence in Iran is only for refueling, asserting that no contract has been signed in regard to this issue.
Minster of defense also discussed the “Aowj” jet engines saying that airplane fighters need high-velocity rate, which has prioritized manufacturing this type of engines. On the latest news about manufacturing Qahir airplane, he said, “We had an idea of manufacturing a low-cost light-weighted airplane to engage in small missions and logistics operations, which has come true through Qahir 313 airplane.” Dahghan also talked about the Iranian Al-Fatih submarines, saying, “The first model of this type of submarine has been manufactured, and when we receive and deploy it officially, then we can say that mission accomplished.”
Source: Tasnim Agency

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