Khamenei Bears Responsibility of a “Reformist” Journalist’s Life and the Arrest of Protesters over Raising National Slogans


– Afarinsh Discusses the Election of Michael Aoun President of Lebanon.
– Donyai Eghtisadi Handles the Economic Diplomatic Problem in light of the Nuclear Deal.

Iranian News Roundup
– Iran welcomes Aoun’s Electing President of Lebanon.
– Khamenei Bears Responsibility of Issa Saharkhises Life.
– Arrest of Protesters over Shouting National Slogans.
– Velayati: Syria Cannot Fight Terrorism without the Help of Hezbollah.


Mardom Salari Newspaper: The behavior of Clinton and Trump toward Iran

An editorial in Tuesday’s Mardom Salari Newspaper assesses the stances of the two US presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, concerning Washington’s dealings with Iran.   Both candidates for the presidency of the United States have abandoned all American values, the editorialist asserts, adding that it seems that whether Clinton or Trump take to power, the USA will not have good relations with Iran.
Clinton is receiving support from various pressure groups which are hostile to Iran; the writer continues, citing these as the Zionist lobby and the Arab lobby, which he asserts are funding and actively supporting her campaign.
By contrast, the editorial states, Trump who [according to the editorial] enjoys great popularity in the Republican-majority northern US and among the wealthy and young voters, has shown no interest in these pressure groups or even mentioned them.  The presidential race is still too close to predict a winner, the writer asserts conclusively
In the case of a Clinton victory, the author states, no active stance towards Iran can be expected given the Arab and Israeli support for her, and her policies will not be as rational as Obama’s. Despite playing a significant role in formulating Barrack Obama’s policies, the editorial continues, she will not continue with them should she win since she will have the greater political power to pursue her political objectives.
The editorialist believes that a Trump presidency would be less damaging to Iran since Clinton has a consistent history of anti-Iranian policies, whether in the Senate or the State Department and has actively supported the implementation of sanctions on the country.  The writer states Republicans focus on domestic policy goals while Democrats are more focused on foreign policy, with almost all the major events in Iran’s modern history taking place during a Democrat president’s rule.
The editorialist asserts that whichever candidate wins will probably be stronger than Obama, but adds that American history is unlikely to see a leader with a better attitude than his towards Iran, with his nuclear deal being a result of his strong moral stance.
The writer concedes, in his conclusion, however, that while he is more worried about the possibility of a Clinton win, she is unlikely to break the nuclear deal with Iran.
Overall, the editorial contradicts most of the op-eds written in Iranian media to date about the US presidential election, which have expressed more concern about the possibility of a Trump victory given his statements that he intends to end the nuclear deal and his condemnation of Obama for sending cash to Iran which the regime has used to help fund its terrorist activities.  Nevertheless, it seems that this editorial suggests that the candidates may change their stance after taking office.
The great Iranian satisfaction with Obama is justified by the massive gains which Iran has made from him, which would have been impossible under the rule of any other US president.

Afarinesh Newspaper: Solving Ba’abda Palace’s problem through cooperation with political parties

An editorial in Tuesday’s Afarinesh Newspaper discusses the Lebanese political powers’ consensus on electing Michel Aoun as President after two-and-a-half years of inability to agree on a candidate for the post. Although the Lebanese constitution does not provide fixed terms or a prescribed doctrine for candidates for the office of President of the Republic, the political norm since Lebanon’s independence is that the president should be a Maronite Christian, the prime minister Sunni Muslim, and the President of the Parliament Shia Muslim. Over the past two-and-a-half years, American and French mediation failed to reduce the current differences between the Saudi-backed March 14 group, led by Sa’ad Hariri, and the  Iranian-and-Syrian-backed March 8 group, led by Hassan Nasrallah,  with Ba’abda Palace standing vacant throughout this period. Although this particular dilemma of political power in Lebanon has now been resolved, many other problems have yet to be solved, including reaching a consensus among political groups on developing new election legislation, agreeing on action to resolve the Syrian refugee crisis, reaching agreement on the Army’s independence, and disarming armed groups. The editorial states that the Free Patriotic Movement led by Michel Aoun, which holds 20 seats in the Lebanese parliament, has now announced its full alliance with Hezbollah in Lebanon. With Aoun taking over the post, the movement announced immediately that its first task is to confront terrorism and its supporters proactively, a statement implicitly referring negatively to Saudi influence in Lebanon, according to the Iranian view. The editorial also says that political stability in Lebanon has a positive effect on the European Mediterranean countries and voices support for Lebanon’s ability to cope with terrorist groups in border areas. Moreover, it states, political stability will strengthen the Lebanese army and substantiate its independence, allowing state officials and Lebanese politicians to make different decisions and hold independent views on issues outside their borders.

Donyai Eghtisd Newspaper: Three dilemmas of economic diplomacy

An editorial in Tuesday’s Donyai Eghtisd Newspaper focuses on the Iranian regime’s economic diplomacy, especially after the nuclear deal, which is evidently a major issue as shown by the large number of foreign tours undertaken by the president, Hassan Rouhani, and foreign minister Javad Zarif, as well as a number of state visits by leaders and economic delegations from nations worldwide, particularly European ones.
The editorial says that Iranian economic diplomacy has recently faced some challenges on several levels. Internationally, there is tension over the strategic rivalry between Iran and the United States, with the latter having a major impact on the global financial system, and possessing the ability to restrict Iranian economic diplomacy and impose significant limits on its development. The second principal challenge at the international level is the fast-changing nature of the ‘rules of the game’ in the global economy as power shifts from the previous unipolar system to a more multipolar one globally.    The main challenges that Iran is facing at this level lie in its attempt to join the World Trade Organization, which is a forum central to trade for most of the world’s major economies. Regionally, meanwhile, Iran has suffered from being in an area surrounded by economically bankrupt or near-bankrupt countries afflicted by widespread terrorism, as well as from stiff competition with neighboring countries which has put further considerable pressure on Iran’s economic diplomacy.  Domestically, meanwhile, Iran suffers from a lack of professionalism amongst its economists, with problematic ambiguity and conflicts between pursuing the country’s economic interests and expanding its political influence which thwarts its progress in the diplomatic field to a considerable degree.


♦ Iran Welcomes Electing Aoun President of Lebanon

Spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Qasemi welcomed the election of Michael Aon president of Lebanon, saying that the agreement of the different Lebanese currents after a year and a half on electing a president is a major step forward to institutionalize democracy and maintain stability in Lebanon in light of the regional and international circumstances. Qasemi added, “This action has proved that Lebanon is an example of agreement and religious tolerance between all different religions and sects, hoping that Aoun achieves development and prosperity to Lebanon and enhance relations between Tehran and Beirut.”
Fares Agency

♦ Mahdi Saharkhis: Khamenei Bears Responsibility of the Well-being of my Father

Mahdi Saharkhis, son of the imprisoned journalist Issa Saharkhis said that Khamenei is responsible for the life of his father in prison. “In case he gets hurt, Ali Khamenei will bear responsibility,” he added. “My father insisted on the implementation of the constitution and establishing prisons for sick and old people. He also called for respecting legal and humanitarian rights for all prisoners through going on hunger strike.” Mahdi explained.
Saharkhis also announced that his father started his hunger strike on October 3 and medicine strike on October 16, noting that he intends to end his strike on November 12 of this year.
Earlier, Saharkhise’s lawyer, Mahmud Alizadeh Tabtaba’i said that all conditions are available to release this political prisoner after serving one-third of his sentence in prison but judicial and security officials have rejected that.
Iran Wire Website

♦ Ghalibaf: All Paperwork of the Investigating Body Related to Municipality were Confidential

Tehran’s Municipal, Mohammed Baqer Ghalibaf said in the public session of Tehran’s City Council that all paperwork related to the municipality lands were confidential, and in the case of any violation, it would be taken to court.
“The media has created factoids about the issue of the lands, which was provoked by enemy media,” Ghalibaf claimed.
Bartarin Ha

♦ Chabahar Port Shipping Capacity to Reach 6 Million Tons

Minister of Energy, Abbas Khavandi announced that the loading and uploading capacity of Chabahar port (Southeast Iran) would jump to 6 million tons of goods by the end of the current Iranian year on March 20.
Fares Agency

♦ Arrest of Protesters over Shouting National Slogans

Fares Province Attorney General, Ali Salehi announced the arrest of a group of heretics on Friday in Shiraz over raising slogans that violate the values and traditions of Iran.
Alf Site


♦ Bordstan: Enemies will not Escape the Backlash of Iran

Commander of the Iranian land forces, Brigadier Ahmed Riza Bordstan claimed that the Iranian armed forces and Intelligence are detecting every move in the region and the world to protect the country and prevent any offense against it. He added, “If Iran is exposed to any threat, Iran’s enemies will not escape the Iranian response.”
Etilaat Newspaper

Velayati: Without Hezbollah, Syria will not be Able to Fight Terrorism

In response to a question about the election of Michael Aon president of Lebanon, Leader’s Advisor for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati said that the electoral period has lasted long for 30 months and faced many obstacles. “Administering Lebanon with the presence of well-educated and civilized people is not easy. Lebanese will never accept anyone to be president, but Aoun has proved his qualifications and capabilities to run Lebanon although all difficulties and complications in the country,” he explained.
Velayati added that the election of Aoun has a significant impact on the Syrian crisis. He can play a vital role in strengthening what he described The Resistance Frontier in Syria by saying, “War has been imposed on Syria and without the assistance of Hezbollah the Syrian people couldn’t have stood against terrorism, which means that the election of Aoun will enhance the Lebanese support to Syria and benefit Bashar Assad and the Syrian people.”
Velayati concluded, “After 30 months of struggle between the major players in Lebanon, the Islamic resistance and Hassan Nasrallah have won.”
Jam-e-Jam Newspaper

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