Kurds kill 26 Guards and Basij members and Ahmadinejad’s supporters are out of control



Iranian News Roundup
– Heart attack, primary cause of deaths in Tehran.
– Official unemployment rate is less than real statistics.
– Iran and Ukraine to start business ties.
– Importation and exportation facilitated by sanctions repeal. 
– Ahmadinejad’s supporters are out of control.
– The Iranian Foreign Minister not to attend Swiss meeting on Syria. 
– Iran foils terrorist attacks in Fares province.
– Kawadir’s military branch kills 26 Guards and Basij members.


Nadiri: The nuclear deal boosts foreign

Member of the economic committee of the Iranian parliament, Shihab Nadiri said that foreign trade raises income and boosts the economy of any country. “Iran is dispatching delegates to other countries and holds meetings to build trade and economic ties, and benefit from the stable and transparent environment in these countries,” he added. Nadiri also stressed on increasing the Iranian exports and benefiting from the chances provided by the nuclear deal.
Mizan Agency

♦ Bour Mousa: unemployment rate is not real

Foreign Affairs advisor in the Iranian parliament, Rahmatullah Bour Mousa said that the revealed rates of unemployment differ from the actual statistics, stressing on the necessity of effective policies to create jobs and decrease this phenomenon in Iran.
Bartarinha Website

♦ Heart attack, primary cause of deaths in Tehran

Executive Manager of Zahra’ Health Organization in Iran, Akbar Tavakoli said that Tehran had reported 26 thousand and 502 deaths; 15 thousand and 302 men, 10 thousand and 825 women, and 375 newly born. Tavakoli added that the youngest age of the dead is five years and the eldest is 65, asserting that heart attack is the cause of most deaths in the Iranian capital.
Bartarinha Website

♦ Iran and Ukraine to start trade ties

In consequence to the nuclear deal and sanctions relief, Iran and Ukraine will hold talks to build trade links between the two countries. Chief of the American and European business Bureau, Abu Alfadl Kodeh said that Iran and Ukraine will hold the fourth meeting of commerce and industrial committee in Kiev city next month and will discuss the bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries.
ISNA Agency

♦ Kawadir’s military branch kills 26 Guards and Basij members

The military branch of the Oriental Free Democratic Society “Kawadir” announced its responsibility for the attack on the revolutionary guards’ positions near Mirvan and Zaradisht cities and the killing of 26 members of the Guard and Basij forces.
During the past few days, the Revolutionary Guards killed 12 members of the Kurdish Bajak group of “Kawadir” in Kermanshah province, which was confirmed by Kawadir with no response from the Guards. A few days ago, Bait Al-maqdis base announced foiling an attack on Jaltsheider in Mirvan.
A Kurdish eye witness in Zaradisht city said that there was an attack a few days ago on one of the centers belonging to the Basij in Rabt area. He added that an explosion was heard and some battles took place in some parts of the city.
Farda Radio

♦ Bakhtiar: Behavior of Nejad’s supporters is out of control

Member of the legal and judicial affairs committee in the Iranian parliament, Ali Bakhtiar said that the behavior of Nejad’s supporters is unpredictable and out of control, referring to the rejection of the leader candidacy of Ahmadinejad for the elections of 2017. Bakhtiar added that the leader supported all presidents including Nejad over the eight years in office, but Nejad was the only president that disobeyed Khamenei’s orders and left politics for eleven days in his house.
Bakhtiar also referred to the unfortunate legacy of Ahmadinejad in all aspects of life in the country, saying that Nejad moved Iran backward and made it suffer significant losses, which has made the regime figures deny his running of the upcoming elections.
In response to Nejad’s reaction to the leader’s recommendation, Bakhtiar said that Nejad’s current is politically unstable and uncontrollable, which was evident during his eight years in office. That means that the presence of such person on the top of the executive branch is not for the interest of the country, Bakhtiar concluded.
Source: ILNA Agency

♦ Taieb Nia: Iran to enhance ties with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund

Iran’s Minister of Economy, Ali Taieb Nia is visiting Washington D.C. accompanied by the Iranian Central Bank Governor to attend the annual meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Taieb Nia made remarks about his visit saying that after the nuclear deal, Tehran expects further relations with the two organizations.
On the sidelines of the meetings, the Iranian Minister had met his counterparts from France, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Turkey, China, India, and the Netherland to explore ways of expansion of cooperation. In his meetings with the ministers, Taieb Nia referred to the disloyalty of the United States in implementing the nuclear deal commitments and underlined the need for enhancing banking relations.
Voice of America Website

♦ Zarif not to attend Swiss meeting on Syria

A well-connected source denied reports that the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif would attend a ministerial meeting on the Syrian crisis in the Swiss Lausanne.
The source also added that Zarif does not have any agenda to participate in Lausanne, and Iran has always announced that the only solution for the Syrian ongoing war is fighting the terrorist groups and give the Syrian people the right for self-determination.
Khabar Channel

♦ Alavi: an armed attack is thwarted

Minister of Intelligence Mahmud Alavi said that the secret service had thwarted an attack by armed cells in Fares province. He added that some members of the cells had been captured and more than 100 kilograms of explosives have been seized, asserting that Iran’s enemies have directed those individuals to provoke sectarian conflict in the country, which has been bravely thwarted by the Iranian security forces.
Fares News

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