Larijani’s daughter arrested for espionage and Iranian lawyers defend Kurds’ referendum


» Iran to deal with Trump by “looking inside itself”
This editorial addresses the strategy Iran should adopt in case the U.S. administration refuses to certify its compliance with JCPOA.
Iran FM Mohammad Javad Zarif has said his assumption is that Donald Trump will not certify Iran’s adherence to nuclear deal on October 15. To deal with this potential policy of Trump’s administration, Iran needs to adopt the strategy of “looking inside itself”. This strategy sees Iran’s empowerment in its “economic independence” and “utilizing its geopolitical superiority”.
Economy-wise, this strategy should focus on Iran’s interaction with the world to attract investments, especially in energy; hence improving its economy. Politics-wise, Iran should use its geopolitical superiority for reinforcing interactive approaches and collective efforts to create stability in the region. Zarif has also centered Iran’s foreign policy on economic issues and strengthening relations with neighboring countries.
Trump’s major excuse for not certifying JCPOA is that Iran has not adhered to it. In Trump’s view, JCPOA should have resulted in restraining Iran’s power in the region, while it has acted to the contrary. This theory is fundamentally wrong, as the nuclear deal has nothing to do with regional issues.
The editorialist infers that Iran can try to unlock its independent economic and political potentials for an interactive, multilateral foreign policy in order to deal with Trump.
An Editorial in “Shargh” daily on October 2, 2017

» Synergistic Efforts of Tehran-Ankara to Resolve Crisis
This editorial focuses on the partnership between Turkey and Iran as a necessary measure for tackling the crisis in the Middle East.
The editorialist begins by referring to trips of Turkish President Recap Tayyip Erdogan and his military chief to Iran, finding it highly significant due to the current, sensitive conditions of the region.
Turkish authorities are meeting with their counterparts in Iran at the time when the UN Security Council sanctions against Iran have been lifted, so the two countries can begin increasing their annual trade to $30 billion. Furthermore, terrorism has been defeated in Syria and Iraq, and there is hope for the return of peace to the region. What is more, the international players and their allies in the region are after imposing a new order in the Middle East based on the disintegration of countries. Not to mention the Iraqi Kurdistan’s referendum which is leading to chaos in the region.
All in all, the editorialist holds that today the major challenge in the Middle East is terrorism, and uprooting it should be the main target of all regional efforts. Any deviation from this task is an unforgivable sin. Both Iran and Turkey are well-aware of this challenge and know the best way to combat it is through boosting their cooperation.
An editorial in Iran daily on October 3, 2017

» In Line of Violence
This editorial discusses terrorism in light of relations between alternative right movement and religious radicalism.
The editorialist sees Las Vegas massacre as a testament to deepening of violence throughout the world. There is an evident relation between such incidents and empowerment of alt-right in Europe and the U.S. The far-right trends usually run for elections by slogans such as combating terrorism and creating security in society. However, instances like Las Vegas terrorist attack prove that the far-right groups that brought Donald Trump to power are incapable of warding off danger.
In the same vein, ISIS will be defeated in Iraq and Syria soon. However, this terrorist organization has a notable ideological background which makes the ways of combating it very difficult. As long as the ideology of ISIS has supporters in the international community, the danger of re-emergence of ISIS-like groups exists. Besides, the way radical figures like U.S. President and some European rightist leaders deal with radical Muslims will make their resurfacing even more plausible.
In the editorialist’s opinion, alt-right and religious radicalism both have the same target: reasoning, logical behavior, interaction. And this is the most serious threat that the world faces today.
An editorial in “Ebtekar” news on October 4, 2017

Nuclear negotiator sentenced to 5 years imprisonment

The sentence of a member of nuclear negotiation team whose name hasn’t been disclosed was confirmed in Tehran’s appeal court. He has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. He was previously arrested and released on bail.
Tasnim news

 Turkey to cooperate with Iran to bring peace in Syria

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has said that in his trip to Tehran, many important issues such as bilateral trades, customs’ gates, transportation, and energy will be discussed.
Mevlut Cavusoglu urged that Turkey will cooperate with Iran and Russia to establish peace and stability in Syria, create a political process, and prevent conflicts and alleviate tensions.
Arman Emrouz

 Iran-Britain to develop trade relations

During the trip of an Iranian delegation to London, a memorandum of understanding was signed by the two countries’ heads of chambers of commerce, aiming to promote trade relations between Iran and Britain. The memorandum of understanding was signed in presence of Massoud Khansari, head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mining and Agriculture, and Lord Norman Lamont, head of Britain’s Chamber of Commerce.
Expressing hope for attracting more investors, Khansari asserted that since Hassan Rouhani took office, the inflation rate has decreased from 40% to 10%. Besides, joint investment in transportation, oil contracts with big companies like Total of France, and agreements with well-known insurance companies in the world have a paved path for investment in Iran.
Abrar Eghtesadi

 Nobakht: Iran won’t suffer from rescinding JCPOA

Spokesperson of government Mohammad Bagher Nobakht said about Trump’s speech regarding pulling out of JCPOA that in so far as it is in the interests of the country, Iran will observe its obligations in this international deal. He noted Iran will not be the one to suffer from rescinding JCPOA, but those who talk about this issue will suffer the most.

 Defense Minister: Iran to cooperate with Iraq to confront separatism

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier-General Amir Hatami pointed out to Iran’s disagreement with separatism in Iraq and disrupting borders of this country, saying “separatist movement in Iraq is harmful for regional security”. He urged that Iran will take any necessary measures for preserving territorial integrity and stability in countries of the region, and “now that this destructive movement is formed in Iraq, we will certainly have more extensive cooperation with this country to confront such moves.”

 Iran’s Embassy in Kabul denies Human Rights Watch report

Iran’s embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, reacted to the report of Human Rights Watch about Iran’s recruiting Afghan children to fight in Syria, calling such “claims baseless and unacceptable”.
According to Human Rights Watch report, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has recruited Afghan immigrant children living in Iran to fight in Syria. Afghan children as young as 14 have fought in Fatimiyoun, an exclusively Afghan armed group supported by Iran that fights alongside government forces in Syria.
Asr Iran

 370 thousand deaths registered in 2016

The Spokesperson of National Organization for Civil Registration Seifollah Aboutorabi has said 369,751 deaths were registered in 2016, showing 1% decrease compared to prior year. He added that the average age of death for men was 63 and for women, 68.

 7 reformists in Iran sentenced to imprisonment

According to Hojat Kermani, one of the lawyers of seven reformist political activists, imprisonment sentences have been issued for his clients, including Mohammad Reza Khatami, brother of former reformist president Mohammad Khatami. Kermani added that 6 reformist figures have been sentenced to one-year imprisonment, while Mohammad Naeemipour has been sentenced to 2-year imprisonment. Kermani said according to the verdict issued by the court, his clients have also been deprived of membership in parties and activities in cyberspace and the media.
These reformist activists were put on trial last year in revolutionary court, on charges such as ‘assembly, collusion, and propaganda activities against the regime and membership in illegal groups.’
Radio Farda

 Iran bans 600 fuel trucks to go to Iraqi Kurdistan

Head of Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce Hamid Hosseini said following the referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, Iran’s customs office banned 600 fuel trucks to leave Iran for Iraqi Kurdistan. He added that Iran’s National Security Council is expected to have a comprehensive view while deciding about Iran’s relation with Iraqi Kurdistan, hoping that sanctions and closing borders would be considered as last resort.
Abrar Eghtesadi

 Establishing big companies for exporting goods, services to Russia, Iraq

Iran’s First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri emphasized on the necessity of paying attention to export markets of Iraq and Russia. In Supreme Export Council, Eshaq Jahangiri stressed on national resolve in all executive organizations for developing non-oil products. He added it is necessary to establish big export companies to make possible exporting goods and services to target countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Russia.
Abrar Eghtesadi

 Iran among 30 effective countries in International Maritime Organization

Head of Maritime Affairs and Sailing Certificates in Ports and Maritime Organization Ali Akbar Marzban said Iran is among the first 30 effective countries in International Maritime Organization (IMO). He added Iran has presented more than 130 documents in IMO which contained suggestions. According to Marzban, Iran has been a permanent member of IMO for about 14 years.
Abrar Eghtesadi

 Iran closes air borders with Iraqi Kurdistan

Spokesperson of Iran’s National Security Supreme Council Keyvan Khosravi announced that upon the request of Iraq’s central government, all Iranian flights to airports of Suleimaniyeh and Erbil, as well as transit flights over Iran from Iraqi Kurdistan, have been stopped. Khosravi added this decision was made since Iran’s efforts were not fruitful to stop holding the referendum of independence in Iraqi Kurdistan.
Mehr news

 Pakpour: Iranian borders are safe

Commander of IRGC Ground Forces Brigadier-General Mohammad Pakpour denied the presence of ISIS forces in Diyala Province of Iraq, thus refusing what is published in virtual space in this regard. Pakpour pointed out to the security of western borders of Iran, emphasizing that ‘Iran’s borders are secure.’
Arman Emrouz

 60% unemployment rate in some cities

Iranian Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli emphasized on the impact of the unemployment rate on increase in social pathologies, adding that despite the 12% rate of unemployment in Iran, there are some cities with 60% unemployment rate. Rahmani Fazli said social damages in regions with higher unemployment rate are more critical. Interior Minister also stated that rate of unemployment in Iran among the graduates is much higher than what is announced on average.
Radio Farda

 7,000 annual deaths due to air pollution!

According to statistics, 7,000 people die in Iran each year because of air pollution, in which traffic plays a significant role. According to the health ministry, with measures taken to reduce air pollution, diseases caused by air pollution such as asthma and heart diseases have reduced in the country.
Setareh Sobh

 $10 billion investment in Iran petrochemical industry

Advisor to oil minister in petrochemical affairs Moayed Hosseini Sadr announced $10 billion investment of Total of France, German Bask and a Japanese company in Iran’s petrochemical industry. Hosseini Sadr added this contract is in its final stages, and will soon be signed. He said after $5 billion contracts of Total of France in oil, this company has shown interest to invest in Iran’s petrochemical industry.
Abrar Eghtesadi

 Iran and Indonesia to cut customs tariffs

Governments of Iran and Indonesia, in the fourth round of negotiations regarding preferential trades agreement, discussed cutting customs tariffs. Ni Made Martini, the manager of mutual negotiations of Indonesia’s Trade Ministry, said currently one of the issues discussed in these talks is cutting export tariffs for Indonesian products whose tariffs are considered as high. He added that both countries have agreed to complete the talks as soon as possible so that this agreement can be put into effect. It is expected that by mid-2018, the negotiations between Iran and Indonesia will end in an agreement.
Abrar Eghtesadi

 Hossein Hashemi appointed as deputy interior minister

Interior Minister Abul-Reza Rahmani Fazli announced the appointment of Hossein Hashemi as his deputy in interior ministry.
Tasnim news

 Larijani’s daughter arrested on charge of espionage for Britain

Only 36 days after exposure of confidential case of espionage of Zahra Larijani, daughter of Chief Justice Sadegh Larijani, for the British embassy in Tehran, she was arrested by direct order of Vahid Haghanian, head of the leader’s office.
Exposure of Zahra Larijani’s confidential case of espionage by Amad news is important because, since last year, her father Sadegh Larijani has accused more than 300 people on charge of cooperation with Amad news and Ruhollah Zam, imprisoning and torturing them to coerced confessions against themselves and others.
Last Wednesday, there was an important meeting in the leader’s house with the presence of senior officials of the country. In this meeting, important decisions were made including ordering the release of Mehdi Khazali from Evin Prison, who, according to Amad news, was held there due to Sadegh Larijani’s ‘personal enmity and resentment’. There was also an agreement over how to deal with Zahra Larijani’s espionage case. What is more, Sadegh Larijani was asked to present the balance of his ‘63 personal bank accounts’, as well as explain how the accounts’ 50-billion-toman benefit is spent, to the leader’s office.
Amad news

 Lawmaker: Sistan and Baluchistan suffers shortage of teachers, educational spaces

Zahedan MP Hosseinali Shahriari pointed out to conditions of education in Sistan and Baluchistan province, saying in this province there is a shortage of teachers and particularly in southern parts of this province, there is a shortage of educational spaces.
Shahriari stated Sistan and Baluchistan have the highest rate of illiteracy in the country, adding that there are several hundred thousand school dropouts in this province for different reasons.
Fars news agency

 Iran’s oil production increased 20 thousand barrels per day in September

Reuters report shows that Iran’s oil export has increased from 3.79 million barrels in August to 3.81 million barrels in September. The report urges that while Iran had made a pledge to increase its oil production for 90,000 barrels per day, it has actually increased for 103,000 barrels per day. Iran’s oil production in October 2016 was 3.707 million barrels per day, and according to agreements, Iran was allowed to increase this to 3.797 million barrels per day.
Tasnim news

 White House: Iran failed in fighting human trafficking

White House has decreed adding Iran, Venezuela, and 4 African countries to the list of countries that have failed in fighting human trafficking. White House said this would take these countries one-step further away from the U.S.
White House says the U.S. will not give foreign aids to any country that is not capable of observing minimum standards for obliterating human trafficking. White House has also said that by restricting the cultural and educational exchange of the U.S. with North Korea, Eritrea, Russia, and Syria that were previously in this list, the pressure on these countries will increase.
Spokesperson of Iran’s foreign ministry had previously denounced accusations made against Iran by U.S State Department with regard to human trafficking, saying that U.S. administration doesn’t have the necessary qualifications for presenting such reports.
Radio Farda

 Iranian lawyers defend Kurds’ referendum for independence

In a statement, a group of Iranian lawyers considered holding a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan “a basic right and in accordance with principles of international law”, emphasizing that “country of Kurdistan” will not have any damaging effects for Iran.
Mukrian news agency published this statement, signed by 77 Iranian lawyers.
The signatories of the statement write that opposing the referendum of independence is “discrediting and dishonoring people’s will.” In their statement, they have asked the UN to recognize people’s votes in Iraqi Kurdistan, demanding the international community to respect people’s votes.”
Radio Farda

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