The Iranian heavy water reserve is higher than permitted, and Khamenei is willing to extend house arrest on “reformists”


– Donyai Eqtisadi handles the consequences of Trump’s victory on the Iranian stock markets.
– Shargh Considers the American elections as victory for the furious crowds.

Iranian News Roundup
– Big economic meeting between Russian and Iran in Tehran
– 950 legal abortion requests.
– Water shortage threatens Tehran.
– Rouhani: the JCPOA cannot be changed by a decision of a government.


Shargh Newspaper: US election is a victory for the angry masses

An editorial in Sharq Newspaper today assess the US presidential election results after Donald Trump’s victory. The Editorial holds that the winner of this election is the angry masses in the US, and loser the unaware elites. In the US presidential election, the battle for this office was not the regular partisan fight, but it was rather a battle between what America was, and what it is going to be—with the first group proud of America’s status quo, and the second group seeking for a better America. The former had the power and the media, while the latter only had hope [hope in Persian means Omid, which is the name of Rouhani’s coalition as well]– hope for a better economy, hope for more jobs and more comprehensive security. Trump did not create these divisions but was their outcome. This hope manifested itself in a person who is defiant, independent and unorthodox. In spite of having billions of dollars, Trump is seen as the savior of the poor and those who are suffering from economic, political and social and identity crises in American society. Disregarding the correctness or incorrectness of election, what is important is that the masses eventually triumphed over the elite, and Trump’s economic flair could spot the needs and issues of the society and could come up with attractive solutions for them. The editorial mostly reflects the vision of an Iranian “reformist” about Trump’s victory in the presidential election. The “reformist” editorialist sees this as a global trend to dismiss the elite monopoly over power, and listen to those members of the community who are more involved with realities of society and its fundamental qualities.

Arman Newspaper: Trump will not be able to ignore the nuclear deal

Arman Newspaper’s editorial today predicts the new American president position toward the nuclear deal and discusses different possible ways of dealing with Iran. The editorial says that Trump had to reiterate his slogans over and over again to woo voters and at the same time to comply with his party’s demands, but some slogans would not be implemented. On the other hand, Trump does not support the nuclear deal with Iran, and his election would create concern about the future of the deal. However, what strengthens Iran’s position is that the nuclear deal is a multilateral international agreement with permanent members of UN Security Council and Germany – which, accordingly, makes the US committed to following the decisions of the UN Security Council. If one government signs an international agreement, and then the next one adopts 180-degree different approach to its predecessor’s policies and commitments, then there will be no need for international laws. The nuclear deal had been carried out, and cannot be annulled. However, it is possible to implement some sanctions on Iran under various guises. According to US Congress resolutions, not implementing new sanctions on Iran depends on observing human rights in Iran, and not supporting international terrorism, but it is possible for Trump administration to implement sanctions on Iran under other different names. The editorialist expresses his concerns about the impact of Trump victory on the Middle East issues while pointing out to critical conditions in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Afghanistan. US interests are not in conflict with those of Iran in both Afghanistan and Iraq. But as for Syria, even the opposition of Bashar al-Assad may have reached the conclusion that the Syrian crisis needs diplomatic solutions. About Yemen, the Americans themselves have expressed their concerns, asking for attacks to stop. Such policies will continue during Trump’s presidency, and there will be some convergence in the interests of the US and Iran in fighting ISIS and in Afghanistan and, to some extent, in Iraq. Trump’s victory pleased the rightists of Europe, and, to some extent, the Iranian fundamentalists are not dissatisfied with this triumph. They believe that just as Trump will show more militancy in his foreign policies, this would create more conflict or hostility between the US and Iran. Nevertheless, the editorialist believes that Trump will not take any substantive measures in the Middle East for the time being, and even if he wants to, such measures will be postponed until next June. By then, Middle East has already seen sweeping changes. Perhaps, the last point made in the editorial refers to the possibility of change in the Iranian compass on the Iranian presidential election, since it is likely for the Iranian leadership to introduce a hardliner candidate as a substitute for Rouhani to deal with Trump.

Donyai Eghtisad: Trump aftershocks on Iranian economy

Today’s editorial in Donayi Eghtisad monitors consequences of Trump’s victory on Tehran’s stock exchange and other Iranian markets. The editorial says that the Iranian market yesterday had a shock when Trump’s victory in the US elections was announced– with Iranian Stock Exchange index falling by 1460 points. This plummet has been unprecedented since March. What is more, the price of the dollar rose against the Iranian currency by 15 Tomans — now ranging from 3,500 to 3,600 Tomans, and surpassing the highest rate it reached last February. The gold price has also increased. Before the announcement of the election result, the global markets were optimistic about Hillary Clinton’s win. That led to rising prices of essential products (such as food and gasoline), resulting in turn in an increase in related stock price in the Tehran Stock Exchange. The editorial is predicting a continued decline in the Iranian stock indexes, because, with Trump’s victory, the US- Iran relations between will come under a lot of strain. According to the editorial, dollar price in Iran will continue to rise, which will put pressure on the Iranian economic sectors. However, Iranian economists hope that Trump as a businessperson and a billionaire will not make any decisions leading to collapse in the world markets. Again they expect continuous negative impact for the next four months to come.


The International Atomic Energy Agency: the Iranian heavy water reserve is higher than permitted

About the nuclear deal, the IAEA reported that the Iranian vast water reserve is greater than permitted, but Tehran seeks to sell this reserve to other countries.
The Associated Press announced that it had received a copy of the IAEA confidential report, which states that Iran can have only 142.3 tons of water reserve, but in fact, the Iranian reserve exceeds the permitted quantity for 100 kilograms.
Farda Radio Site

♦ 36 Iranians arrested in Iraq

The Iranian Deputy-Minister for Consulate Affairs, Hassan Qashqavi said that there is an attempt by the Iranian foreign ministry to cancel visas between Iraq and Iran over the past three years to facilitate travel of visitors, adding that Iraq has not responded to the Iranian suggestion yet, “If Iraq cancels visas, Iran will do the same,” He added.
Qashqavi also announced the arrest of 36 Iranian visitors in Iraq due to the expiry of their passports and visas
Jam e-Jam Newspaper

♦ Starting the shipping lane between Chabahar port and Muscat

Executive manager of the Iranian ports and maritime navigation, Mohammed Saied Nejad, announced operating the shipping lane between the Iranian Port of Chabahar and Muscat, the Omani capital. He added that the fist passenger ship would be dispatched to Muscat in coinciding with the opening of the new passenger station in the port.
“The lane will be operating on Wednesdays each week, and the services it provides will increase shortly,” Saied Nejad said.
“We can operate other shipping lanes from Chabahar port to other ports in the region including the Pakistani ports,” Nejad added.
Abrar Eghtisadi Newspaper

♦ 950 legal abortion requests in Tehran

General Manager of Tehran’s Forensic, Masoud Qadi Basha announced registering of 950 abortion requests in Tehran, noting that one-third of these requests were approved while the others denied by specialists. Qadi Basha added that 70 persons died out of taking Aluminum Phosphide and 368 persons out of addiction during the first six months of the current year in Tehran.
Tejarat Newspaper

♦ Trump’s victory for the good of Iran

Chairman of the imports union in the Iranian chamber of trade and industry, Farhad Ihtisham Zad said Trump’s victory would not be for the interest of the American economy as some American experts have announced. “The new American president is a businessman and familiar with the value of the Iranian and the Middle East markets, which will make him more logical,” Zad added. “American competitors will be concerned about Trump’s policies but not Iran.”
Mehr Agency

♦ Big economic meeting between Russia and Iran in Tehran

The Iranian-Russia Joint Economic Cooperation Committee will hold a meeting on December 13 in the Iranian capital, Tehran to boost ties between the two countries. The meeting will be headed by the Iranian Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and the Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.
IRNA News Agency

♦ Rouhani: The JCPOA does not change the decision of a government

The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the American elections have no impact on the Iranian politics, noting that the Iranian independence and honor can change only by the demand of the Iranian people, not by the results of a foreign country’s elections.
He added, “The JCPOA does not change by a decision of any government and the US has been a weekend in the international community due to its incorrect policies.”
Rouhani continued, “America no more can use the Iran Phobia and find an international consensus against Iran. The Iranian relations are growing with the world on all levels and cannot go back.”
“Iran has succeeded to make the nuclear deal an international resolution but not an agreement with a country, which makes it more legitimate and does not change by a decision of any government,” President Rouhani concluded.
Tasnim News Agency

♦ The first railroad between Tehran and Karbala reaches Shalamchah station

General Manager of Planning and control of train transportations services, Ali Khazimi Minsh said that the first railroad that links between Tehran and Karbala had reached Shalmachah bordering station. He added that this train carried 400 visitors to Karbala and is expected to transport the same number weekly to the city of Karbala for $38 ticket per person. Khazimi also said that the train would depart each Thursday from Tehran to Karbala and Iran is planning to construct the railroad of Mashhad-Karbala soon.
Mehr News Agency

♦ Water Shortage threatens Tehran

Executive Manager of Iran’s water company, Khisro Irtiqa’i said that the number of Tehran’s population should not increase due to the water shortage in the city. He added that Tehran is expanding vertically where houses have become tall buildings and towers. The growth rate in some cities belonging to Tehran’s province has reached 7% while Tehran does not have sufficient water to satisfy its inhabitants.
Alf News Site

♦ Mutaheri: The leader is willing to continue house arrest, and all officials have neutral positions toward this issue

Second Deputy Speaker of the Iranian parliament said that the Leader is ready to continue house arrest against the Green movement leaders, Mir Hussein Mousavi and his wife Zahra’ Rahavand, and Mahdi Karroubi; consequently, other officials are taking neutral positions and do not interfere in this issue. At the same time, Second Deputy Speaker considered house arrest without a trial unconstitutional and illegal.
“President Rouhani has talked to the Leader about repealing house arrest many times, but he had to be stronger at the early beginning,” Mutaheri added.
Farda Radio News

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