Whipping school students and A crach of revolutionary aircraft killing all crew members



Iranian News Roundup
– Earth collapse causes two deaths and three injuries in Tehran.
– Revolutionary airplane crashes killing all crew members. 
– Whipping school students for not paying financial support to school.
– The first Austrian bank to open in Iran.
– Swedish Minister of Economy confirms his country’s will of building ties with Iran.
– New tactics for Reformists’ participation in the presidential elections.
– Head of reformists: some competitors provoke reformists by threats and election-rigging.
– 40 student unions support the arrested journalist Yashar Sultani.


Earth collapse causes two deaths and three injuries in Tehran

Two people died, and three wounded and were transported to a hospital in an airplane landing in Tehran.
Tasnim Agency

♦ Revolutionary Light Helicopter crashes killing all crew members

The crew of a revolutionary light helicopter “Gyroplane,” Ja’far Hijati and Ahmed Milli died in the crash of their plane during a surveillance mission in Sistan and Baluchistan provinces. Public relations of Al-Quds division announced the crash of the aircraft at Nouk Abad district, 25 kilometers from Iranshehr city.
Aftab Newspaper

♦ Whipping Iranian students for their inability to pay their tuition fees

Many news sites revealed that principal of Martyr Chamran School in Mukhtar Abad village to the south of Kerman province punished some students with eight whips and expelled them from school after their failure to pay 30 thousand Tomans tuition fees as financial support to the school.
Zamaneh News Site

♦ The first Austrian bank to open in Iran

In his meeting with the Austrian Ambassador in Iran Fardarish Ashtift, assistant manager of the international affairs and exchange of information in the presidency of the republic Ali Murtaza said that Iran and Austria had held talks to boost cooperation on all levels.
On his side, Ashtift announced that the first Austrian bank opens in Tehran next year, which will enhance cooperation between the two countries.
ISNA Agency

♦ Revolutionary Guards foil attacks in Kurdistan

Revolutionary Guards forces in Kurdistan province managed to thwart an attack on Kichi in Kurdistan. Reporting from the Guards, militants armed with light and medium weapons fired an RPG rocket but did not explode. The Guards forces forced them to flee suffering significant losses and seized their weapons, the report noted.
ILNA Agency

♦ Haddad Adel: new tactics for hard-liners in the upcoming elections

In response to a question about his evaluation of the conservatives’ position in the elections of 2017, spokesperson of Conservatives’ coalition during the elections of the tenth parliament, Haddad Adel said that the coalition that was formed in the previous elections was suitable for that period. He noted that hardliners are united, especially in Tehran and will adopt new tactics for the upcoming elections.
“Disagreement in Tehran did not result from conservatives’ division. We are united and on the right track, and we hope our points of weakness in the previous elections recover in the elections of 2017,” Adel continued.
In response to a question about the conservatives’ choices in the elections of 2017, the former MP said, “We have not come to an agreement concerning this issue. Names such as Dhirgami and Larijani and others are just predictions, but our participation will be effective through adopting new tactics.”
Mehr Agency

♦ Shariatmadari: invitations by universities to individuals wanted by security services is nasty

In response to a question about inviting some people sought by security authorities, Kayhan chief editor, Hussein Shariatmadari said, “The most treacherous crimes of those are treason against the nation; they are criminals and all documents prove it; in fact, the invitations by universities to such people is nasty.”
Mehr Agency

♦ 40 student unions support Yashar Sultani

40 student unions released a joint statement supporting journalist Yashar Sultani that was arrested over publishing detours of Tehran’s municipality. According to the declaration, media is the only way to fight corruption because it keeps people informed about the activities of the political and economic currents in the country.
The statement added, “Students are a major part of the society. Their ethical and legal duty oblige them to care about the country’s wealth and equal treatment for all citizens.” The statement concluded, “Student unions support journalist Yashar Sultani that should be released. What he has done is a right protected by law and response to duty call.”
ILNA Agency

♦ Iranian Economy Minister meets World Bank Vice-President

In his meeting with the Iranian Economy Minister Ali Taieb Nia on the sidelines of the World Bank annual meeting, World Bank Vice-President Kyle Peters has expressed his satisfaction with the progress of the Iranian economy.
Peters also referred to the resumption of relations between Iran and the World Bank that started six months ago saying, “We have begun a new round of cooperation with Iran, hoping that this partnership increases from advisory and technical support to financial collaboration and loan offers for Iran’s infrastructural projects.
Meanwhile, Iran’s economy minister stressed on the removal of the unjust sanctions imposed on Iran saying, “We have a history of cooperation with the World Bank and we want to use all potentials of the bank to help to restructure the Iranian economy in the framework of our national policies.”
ILNA Agency

♦ Aref: some competitors provoke reformists by threats and election-rigging

Head of Amid coalition in the Iranian parliament, Mohammed Riza Aref said that reformists have always seen themselves as an influential part of the regime, asserting that some are trying to drive them out of this cycle, which cannot happen because people will answer them in the polls. “Unfortunately, our society is far away from the desired community, we lie and make false accusations exclude the competitor,” he added.
Aref Continued, “The elections of 2013 and 2015 resulted from people’s belief in the reformist speech that must be preserved. Students’ unions criticize reformists, but shortcomings can be overcome by a coalition of March 2016.”
About some students’ complain about the security concern prevailing in universities. Aref said, “We do not regret the alliance resulted from parliamentary elections, and reformists’ identity must not be disregarded during the upcoming elections.” he added, “Unfortunately, these security practices have gone beyond limits, and our competitors want to provoke negative reactions by reformists through threats and election-rigging,”
Asr Iran Site

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