Iran Violations in a year I


UANI has cataloged the Iranian regime’s ongoing extremist and violent behavior since the signing of the nuclear deal on July 14, 2015.

Part 1: Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program
Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program and Defiance of UN Security Council

Iran has continued to test long-range ballistic missiles in defiance of the UN Security Council and the International community following the signing of the JCPOA

On Oct. 10, 2015, Iran started to test a new guided long-range ballistic missile named “Emad,” in potential violation of the nuclear deal. Four days later, this event was followed by a broadcast for unprecedented footage of a deep underground tunnel packed with missiles and launchers units on the Iranian state TV with IRGC general warning enemies that if any mistake was made toward the state, missiles will erupt like a volcano from the depth of earth.

Oct. 16, 2015, has witnessed the US Ambassador, Samantha Power statement that the Oct. 10 ballistic missiles were a clear violation of UN sanctions given that the missile launched was inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon.

According to Fox News reports on Dec. 7, that Iran carried out a new medium-range ballistic missile test on Nov. 21 in breach of two UN Security Council resolutions.

In a confidential report on Dec. 15, a UN panel of experts finds that Iran violated a UN Security Council resolution by testing a new ballistic missile in October.

Early 2016, specifically on Jan. 6 was the day that Iran unveiled a new underground missile depot along with official state TV broadcasting Emad precision-guided missiles in store, which the United States says, can take a nuclear warhead and violate a 2010 UN Security Council resolution.

Three months later, Iran conducted multiple ballistic missile tests of short-, medium-, and long-range precision-guided missiles with ranges up to 2000 Km.

The next day, Mar. 9 2016, Iran test-fires two ballistic missiles with the phrase Israel Must Be Wiped Out written in Hebrew on them as a show of force by the Iranian Republic during a visit by US Vice President Biden to Israel.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Mar. 30 2016 said that missile power was key to that country’s future security and those who believe the only diplomacy is the key to Iran’s future are acting out of ignorance or treason. This was followed by the US and its European allies’ statement in the joint letter that Iran’s recent testing of nuclear-capable missiles was in defiance of the UN Security Council resolution that endorsed last year’s nuclear deal.

In May. 9 2016, Iran announced that it tested a ballistic missile with a range of 1250 miles two weeks ago, capable of striking Israel and US bases in the Middle East.

In a confidential report, UN Secretary General Ki-Moon said on Jul. 7 of this year said that Iran’s ballistic missile launches are not consistent with the constructive spirit of the nuclear deal and he called upon Iran to refrain from such missile tests.
To be continued … Iran Violations in a year II

Source: united against nuclear Iran website

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