Iran’s Intelligence Minister: A Current Member of Government Preferred the Honor of Being Iranian to US Citizenship.


Aftab News– October 31
Iran’s Intelligence Minister, who was quoted as asking for the names of managers with dual citizenship, responded to IRNA’s question in this regard: “Yesterday in the sideline of Conference on Military Dependents, a respectable journalist asked me why there were tens of managers with dual nationality in the country. I asked him to name a couple of them, so that according to law, I could ask for their removal from their positions. He could not mention any. As you see, I just said that to deny the journalist’s claim, and not to ask help from others to name those with dual nationality. When I am certain that there are no managers with dual nationality, there is no point in my asking for their names.”
Alavi stated further, “Unfortunately, different scenarios are played out for undermining the government, one of which is dual nationality. It is unfortunate that certain things are simply being said that are not true – things that damage people’s trust for no good reasons. Words of Intelligence Minister are reflected incompletely in media. That causes ambiguities and doubts. The reason why I don’t respond to journalists’ questions in the sidelines of conferences is such misquotations.”
Explaining who is considered a dual citizen, Intelligence Minister said: “As for residency of a person in a country other than his country of birth, many concepts and terms are used, such as citizenship, green card (in the U.S.), permanent residency, visa and multiple entry visas.”
Alavi also added that there are two types of citizenship. In one case, a person acquires citizenship by applying for it from a foreign government. In the other case, a person is born in another country like the U.S. And if international laws of that country grant birthright citizenship (as it is in the U.S.), whoever is born on that country’s territory will be considered as its citizen, and will receive its nationality.”
He added, “In the second case, the person has not renounced his primary citizenship. Neither has he taken any actions for acquiring the nationality of that country; he has only accepted it.”
Referring to laws in Iran, Intelligence Minister asserted: “According to laws of “Islamic Republic” of Iran and based on the Iran Civil Code (1928), when a person acquires second citizenship, his immovable properties must be sold by the prosecutor, and the monetary value of those assets must be given to that person, so that he can reside in that country.”
Alavi pointed out that this law was implemented only once since 1928, and that was before the revolution.
He further mentioned that according to the Civil Service Management Code, people with dual nationality– namely, those who have acquired a second citizenship in addition to Iran’s nationality– cannot become ministers, deputy ministers, members of parliament, or directors general, and nor do they have the right to be in charge of such positions.
Intelligence Minister stated, “Currently we have no officials with dual nationality. There was only one manager with one to whom I referred in my interview yesterday and said that he was going to resign. But later I was informed that person had already resigned two weeks ago.”
Alavi said, “This manager was one of the educated, elite people who had a doctorate in artificial intelligence, and was not only religious but also a relative of one of the valuable, political figures of the country. There were no obstacles for that person to have a government position, except having dual nationality.”
He added, “Of course, that person’s U.S. citizenship was due to be born on the U.S. territory.”
Intelligence Minister said, “The issue of dual nationality has been brought up as if anyone who holds dual citizenship is corrupt, alien, traitor, or spy.”
Alavi mentioned, “Currently there are 40 thousand Iranians with dual citizenships all around the world. The majority of them are citizens of southern Iran who have acquired Emirates’ citizenship. Also, many of them live in Europe, Canada, and the U.S., and are mostly religious and interested in Iran. Many of them helped millions of dollars to the war fronts during Iran-Iraq war. And some of them, like Professor Sami, can be considered as pride and glory of the country.”
Intelligence Minister said that Iran does not recognize dual nationality, adding, “When a person acquires another country’s citizenship, Iran’s citizenship will be stripped of him according to the laws of hundred years ago. If he wants to regain his Iranian citizenship, the government must decide the issue.”
As for some government officials’ dual citizenships, he said, “Some individuals have had green cards at some point in the past. However, the green card is not the same as citizenship. In the U.S., there are different types of work and residence permits, one of which is called green card. A person obtains a residence permit to be able to work for several years, but after using the green card for ten years, U.S. citizenship will be granted to him if he wants it.”
Alavi pointed out, “As for those who have not applied for citizenship after this period, it means that they did not want to renounce their Iranian citizenships to become U.S. citizens. That will be considered as a privilege for them.”
Intelligence Minister said, “A current member of the government who previously had a green card is one of those who could have applied for U.S. citizenship, but preferred the honor of being Iranian to U.S. citizenship.”
Alavi added, “In so far as a person uses the green card, he is not considered as U.S. citizen, because he is using his Iranian passport for traveling. The green card only gives him the right to enter that country [the U.S.] without obtaining a visa.”
Intelligence Minister referred to statistics and inquiries in this regard saying, “Organizations send inquiries to Ministry of Intelligence regarding individuals who apply for managerial positions. If a person holds dual citizenship, the Ministry informs the related organization that since that person has dual nationality, assigning him to that position is against the law.”

He pointed out, “Among thousands of people about whom inquiries were sent in the past two or three years, only around 70 people were suspected of having dual citizenship. Further inquiries made it clear that 35 or 36 of them did have dual nationality. We informed the related organizations (that had sent inquiries) that giving those positions to them is against the law, and not even one of those individuals obtained the positions.”
Referring to the resignation of the manager with dual nationality two weeks ago, he said, “Right now, we do not have any managers with dual nationality. This atmosphere of lies and deceptions is an unfounded scenario which only creates a negative mentality in Iranian people, and it is a psychological warfare against the government.”
Intelligence Minister, mentioning his Ministry’s careful consideration in following up the issue of dual citizenship, said: “Two of the staff who could get their residency from Canada or U.S. green card were told to either apply for residency and green card and resign from their positions in Iran, or give up residency and green card and hold their positions here.”
He added, “One of them insisted on getting his residency, and as such resigned from the post. The other one gave up the right to a green card, and still, holds his position.”
Alavi emphasized, “As you see, those two officials would not even be considered as dual citizens by taking residency or green card. But despite that, Ministry of Intelligence did not even accept those two cases, because they were going to apply for residency or green card while still holding their positions.”
Intelligence Minister said, “What can we do when a group of people in certain media that are against the government cannot even understand such clear issues? Well, they acknowledge that they ‘do not understand.”’
Alavi expressed his hope that Iranian people will deal with these matters intelligently and reasonably, and will not be influenced by such negative propaganda and inductions. He also asked the opponents of the government to be God-fearing.

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