2018 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report: Arabian Gulf Center for Iranian Studies ranked First Top Think Tank in Saudi Arabia and 10th in Middle East and North Africa



It has been only two years since the establishment of the Arabian Center for Iranian Studies (AGCIS), founded by Dr. Mohammed Alsulami. AGCIS participated, for the first time ever, in the 2017/2018 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report – developed and launched by TTCSP at Pennsylvania University- among 7800 think tanks worldwide. AGCIS has been ranked 28th among the best regional studies (free standing) think tank worldwide, 10th among the top think tank in the Middle East and North Africa (including Arab states, Israel, Turkey, Iran and Cyprus), second in the Gulf states and first in Saudi Arabia. Also, it is ranked among the best new think tanks in 2017. It is worth mentioning here that AGCIS has achieved this success without going through the categorization stage of new think tanks, as announced by TTCSP during the first session marking Think Tank Day, Jan. 30, 2018 in Washington.
TTCSP measures the impact of think tanks upon a variety of criteria: the ability to manage and recruit prominent intellectuals and analysists, academic performance and reputation, access to decision-makers and impact on steering policies, etc. TTSCP ranks the top leading think tanks by the region, by area of research, and by special achievement. Ranking process includes three rounds; Round I: Nomination and Selection; Round II: Peer/Expert Rankings; Round III: Expert Panel Final Selection. Final results are announced every year in the third week of January.
The annual Global Go To Think Tank Index report of the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) reflects and explores the growing significance of think tanks in bridging the gap between knowledge and policy and in forecasting successful public polices in variant fields.
AGCIS held a seminar, 30 January 2018, entitled, “Why Think Tanks Matter in the Era of Global and Political Disruptions”, tackling primarily the legislative and political perspectives of establishing think tanks in Saudi Arabia. Also, it unfolds the role of think tanks in the light of the Saudi Vision 2030.

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