56 executions in less than 3 weeks in Iran



Iran Human Rights Organization reported 56 executions in different Iranian cities in three weeks. According to the organization, 17 prisoners in Wakil Abad prison in Mashhad were executed on September 13 for drugs accusations, 3 in Adel Abad prison in Shiraz city, 2 for burglary and assault accusations, and another prisoner was executed in public.
On September 22, a prisoner was executed for violent assault, kidnapping, and burglary at the Stadium of Riz city in Fares province; and children were noticed watching the executions.
On September 24, 4 prisoners were also executed for drugs smuggling in Tabriz prison.
On September 25 and 26, two prisoners were executed in the prisons of Taibad and Aromeih for drugs accusations. On September 26, Harana news reported two prisoners executed in Shahroud and another in Jarjan city for drugs accusations. On September 27, 7 prisoners were also executed in the prison of Minab for drugs accusations.
On September 28, 11 prisoners were executed in Raja’i prison for drugs, murder, and burglary accusations.
Finally, 8 prisoners were executed for drugs accusations including a woman in Aromeih prison.
In fact, this number of executions has increased in a short period of time and is the first of its kind for two years.

Source: Iran Scholarism

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