Branding Iran’s Protests as a foreign-driven “conspiracy” is complete “nonsense”


The reformist, activist and professor at the University of Tehran, Sadiq Ziba Kalam, criticized the lack of “a specific and comprehensive vision for the political forces and called on the Iranian regime to analyse the factors and reasons behind the protests that broke out in most of the Iranian cities.”
In an article he published yesterday evening on the “Khabar Dagh” website, he said, “unfortunately, at this very moment, the political forces’ opinion on the long-term motives of the demonstrations is not yet certain”.
He added, “some officials call for the need to uphold unity and national solidarity; however; this will not solve the problem at all amid the lack of understanding of popular demands and the demonstrations being described as a foreign-driven “conspiracy”.
Also, he discussed the possibility of repression by the regime under the pretext of “the illegality of the protests and the non-issuance of the necessary permits.” He stressed that “the heads of the three authorities and officials should discuss the real reasons behind these protests, even behind closed doors, away from the illusion of a foreign conspiracy woven against Iran by some Western and Arab countries.”

Editorial Team