IRGC to Launch Attacks in Tehran and Blame Sunnis


Recently, the Iranian AMD News reported noticeable IRGC activities in the Sunni territories in Iran that might lead to sectarian war in this country. These activities were planned to launch a number of explosions in Tehran and other Iranian cities and put the blame on the Sunni Iranians and ISIS.
AMD reporter said that many Ghadir Headquarters for Reconstruction were established in the Iranian Sunni provinces Sistan and Baluchistan and Western Khorasan (Zahedan). Many billboards were erected to announce the time of opening these headquarters that took place on the Iranian Ghadir day last Saturday. Indeed, Ghadir day is a point of dispute between Sunnis and Shiites since the beginning of Islam. “Perhaps, these headquarters called, “Reconstruction” will be the reason to provoke Sunnis in Iran,” the reporter said.
It was also reported that the ceremonies of the “Reconstruction” commencement would be held in Kohistan Park in Zahedan in cooperation with the predominantly Sunni municipality of this province. So far, the municipality is still working on preparing for the opening ceremonies in this Sunni center near the Sunni Eid prayer site and al-Makki Mosque in the province.
On the other hand, Iran Press News reported from a well informed source that the IRGC intelligence informed AMD that a series of explosions would take place in Tehran and in other cities during the secret program, resulting in many deaths of Iranian people. According to the news site, the Iranian government will put the blame on Sunnis and ISIS and hold them responsible for these attacks to carry out repression operations against Sunni people. The Iranian MP Abu al-Hassan Biki said that the twin attacks on the parliament and the Khomeini tomb generated considerable controversy and led to the arrest of ninety people, including IRGC officers and elements, while others said that more than this number were really arrested.

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