Malaki: Iran’s regime breathing its last breath


Mohammad Malaki, the human rights activist and the first elected head of Tehran University after 1979’s Revolution, stated that the Iranian regime “has reached the end of the line and is breathing its last breath.”

In an exclusive interview with “DORR TV” on November 27, Malaki referred to the disclosure of the Judiciary Chief, Sadegh Larijani, saying, “During the past months, some issues are being exposed which, I think, are all connected: exposure of the astronomical salaries, Montazeri’s audio records, Saied Mortazavi’s case, moral corruption of Saied Tousi, and Sadegh Larijani’s bank accounts and the corruption in judiciary system– all of which are reminiscent of Pahlavi’s regime final years.”

Malaki continued, “As you can see, regime’s leader is involved in all these exposures, and meanwhile attacks on him are increasing. On the other hand, strikes and assemblies of various groups of society show that this regime is breathing its final breath and has reached the end of the line.”

The human rights activist also added, “Free media must be more active and keep these issues (exposures) alive to raise people’s awareness so that some people like Larijani’s brothers cannot object and be tried in fair courts.”

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