Rasanah Holds Seminar on “Afghanistan: Challenges and Opportunities”



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) held a seminar on “Afghanistan: Challenges and Opportunities” at its headquarters in Riyadh on Wednesday September 15, 2021. The seminar was attended by a host of notable researchers and experts acquainted with regional and international affairs.

The opening remarks were delivered by President and Founder of Rasanah Dr. Mohammed Alsulami. The seminar was moderated by the head of the Center for Studies and Research retired Major General Ahmed Almaimouni.    

The  panel included former Saudi Ambassador to Afghanistan Gharm bin Milhan al-Ghamdi, Vice President of Rasanah Dr. Ahmed bin Daifullah al-Qarni, and Afghan journalist Ahmed al-Sayed.

The first session addressed Afghanistan’s internal dynamics, the second session highlighted the future of Gulf-Afghan relations and the third session discussed the opportunities and challenges facing Afghanistan’s neighbors.

The seminar stressed that Saudi Arabia enjoys popularity in Afghanistan, highlighting that Afghanistan has been a country of geostrategic conflict between the great powers. The major challenges facing Afghanistan neighbors, according to the speakers, are as follows: the influx of refugees, turning the country into a hotbed for transborder jihadist movements, the potential eruption of sectarian conflict and ethnic strife, turning the country into a battlefield of dispute between regional actors.

Editorial Team