Rasanah Issues Iran Case File for September 2021



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) issued its monthly report, Iran Case File (ICF) for September 2021, providing readers in general and researchers in particular with an in-depth analysis and comprehensive overview of Iranian interactions at variant levels. It is divided into three main parts: Internal Affairs; Arab Affairs; and International Affairs.

Internal Affairs is divided into four files: The Ideological File aims to discuss the common interests between Iran and the Taliban government and Iran’s approach of testing the potential reaction of Afghan Shiites and the Taliban to outline the general framework of Iran-Afghanistan relations. The Political File reviews the tour of President Ebrahim Raisi to Iranian governorates as well as the new appointments in the Foreign Ministry. The Economic File discusses three topics: Iran’s membership in regional and international trade organizations; Iran’s current trade orientations; and the effectiveness of its regional alliances. The Military File sheds light on three topics: rising tensions on Iran’s northern and western borders; mounting escalation between Iran and Azerbaijan;  the influx of Afghan refugees crossing the Iranian border. 

Arab Affairs is divided into four files. The first file discusses Iran’s refusal to meet the demands outlined by the Arabian Gulf states in the 74th session of the GCC Ministerial Council as well as the Saudi-Iran reconciliation. The second file sheds light on the Houthis’ sectarian violence, destroying the future of the Yemeni people; the peace efforts which are hindered by the Houthi military escalation — linked to Iranian orientations. The third file reviews Iran-Iraq relations through analyzing four major aspects: the significance and  general context of Kadhimi’s visit to Iran; implications and messages of Kadhimi’s visit to Tehran; the outcomes of the visit; the motives behind Iran’s escalation  against Kurdish sites in northern Iraq. The fourth file discusses Assad’s visit to Russia; Lebanon’s power crisis and the implications of  this crisis for Syria; finally, Iran’s discontent over the potential loss of economic revenues from resolving the power crisis.

International Affairs discusses Iran’s interactions with the United States and the Europeans. The Iran and United States file discusses three topics: US keenness to renew dialogue and Iran’s preparedness to resume the nuclear talks; US pressure on Iran; and Tehran’s available bargaining chips. As for Iran-Europe relations, the file reviews the most prominent interactions between the two sides in September: the latest developments in Iran’s nuclear program; the Iran-UK push and pull policy, European health aid to Iran.     

Editorial Team