Rasanah Maintains Its Distinguished Premier Position in Saudi Arabia and Advances Amongst Specialist Study Centers



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) continues to hold its coveted position as the leading think tank in Saudi Arabia. According to the University of Pennsylvania’s 2020-2021 Global Go To Think Tank Index (GOTTI) report, Rasanah has risen even higher in regional and international rankings.  Rasanah remains the premier think tank in Saudi Arabia and  has advanced to 25th among  the top think tanks and regional specialist study centers. Rasanah ranked eighth among the top think tanks in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Furthermore, in the category of top foreign policy and international affairs think tanks, Rasanah ranked an impressive 31st.  Among the leading think tanks worldwide Rasanah ranked 52nd(US and non-US think tanks) and first in the Arab world, as well as 53rd (non-US think tanks) and first amongst Arab think tanks in this category.
The GOTTI report included over 11,175 think tanks and civil society organizations including 13 Saudi think tanks. It ranks think tanks according to their importance internationally and regionally, taking into account the level of objectivity in their publications. The ranking criteria included effective management of human and intellectual resources, ideological and scientific production, access to decision-makers and other factors.

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