Rasanah Participates in Islamabad 2022 Conclave



Dr. Ali Awadh Asseri, former Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon and a member of Rasanah’s board of trustees, participated in the second Islamabad Conclave organized by the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad, held on December 7 to December 8. The conclave was on the theme: “75 Years of Independence: Achieving Comprehensive National Security.”  Dr. Asseri spoke on “Enhancing Pakistan’s Economic Outreach to Saudi Arabia and the GCC.” The conclave bought together high echelons of foreign and Pakistan leaderships, policymakers, and members of academia to find innovative solutions to complex traditional and non-traditional threats facing Pakistan, the region, and the globe.

While speaking at the enclave, Dr. Asseri remarked, “The Saudi Vision 2030 offers enormous opportunities for Pakistan’s trade and investment relationship with the kingdom and employing its skilled manpower in mega development projects.” He also said that a major transformation was underway in Pak-Saudi economic relations, with the kingdom interested in long-term investment in Pakistan’s development sector. “The Saudi leadership is committed to $20 billion investment in refinery, petrochemical complex, mining, and renewable energy projects in Pakistan. But there is also tremendous scope for Saudi public and private investment in other sectors such as textiles, sports, leather goods, and surgical equipment,” Dr. Asseri said.

To conclude, Dr. Asseri emphasized the deep and durable relationship between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, and how the latter was committed to enhancing cooperation in all spheres, and he was optimistic about the brotherly bonds strengthening under the visionary leaderships of both countries.

Editorial Team