Rasanah Publishes a New Arabic Book on the Iran-Saudi Arabia Conflict Post 2011



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) has published a book entitled The Iran-Saudi Arabia Conflict Post 2011 by Dr. Fathi Abu Bakr al-Desuqi. The 240-page Arabic book discusses the Iran-Saudi Arabia conflict amid the post-2011 developments in the Arab world that resulted from the “Arab Spring.”

In the first chapter, the writer highlights the roots of the conflict through analyzing the Saudi and Iranian perceptions of the Middle East after the “Arab Spring” based on the strategic advantages, capabilities, systems of governance and foreign policy directions of the two countries. The chapter also reviews the mutual perceptions of the two countries based on national differences and contradictory political and strategic interests, and their impact on the political, media, educational, and sectarian levels.

It also explores regional perceptions (Arab, Turkish, and Israeli), as well as international perceptions (American, Russian, European, and Chinese) of the Iranian and Saudi roles.

In the second chapter, the writer sheds light on the tools used by both Saudi Arabia and Iran to fulfil their roles in Syria and Yemen and the nature of these tools from the political, economic and soft or hard power perspectives.

The third chapter reviews the challenges facing the Iran-Saudi Arabia conflict internally, regionally and internationally. The book concludes by presenting two scenarios regarding the future of the Iran-Saudi Arabia conflict

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