Salami admits: Pakistanis, Afghans, and Indians are fighting in Syria


The Deputy Commander of IRGC Brigadier Hossein Salami admitted that Iran has drawn fighters from Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Lebanon, and Iraq. And organized them into militias to fight in Syria, under the pretext of fighting the Americans and their allies there.
He said in a speech at the World Powers and West Asia Security Conference, “Iran’s reliance on these militias has made it strategically superior to the United States in the Syrian crisis”
Since the conflict in Syria, Iran has sent about 30,000 fighters from the IRGC, Lebanese Hezbollah, Iraqi and Afghan Shiite militias to cover the shortage and losses of the Syrian army. These militias, made up by Iran, account for one-sixth to one-eighth of the total pro-Syrian forces.
Source: Tasnim Agency

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