Secret agreement between Iran and the United States concerning the Iranian centrifuge


In the Federalist American site report under the title, “a secret deal to allow Iran to resume its nuclear program immediately after Obama”. This report referred to two US diplomats’ documents and reported by the Associated Press. The report says that the secret agreement signed between the West and Iran indicates that it is possible for Iran, after US President; Barack Obama leaves office, to resume completing its nuclear program.

The report added that the Associated Press claimed that the document is a classified annex to the nuclear deal last year between Iran and the six major Countries. On this basis, after 11 to 15 years, Tehran can replace more than non-operating five thousand centrifuges with more sophisticated three thousand and five hundred devices. This report concludes that the new devices have five times more effective performance than the current devices and the time needed for Iran to manufacture nuclear weapons has fallen down from one year to six months after the adoption of state- of- the- art centrifuges.
According to the Associated Press, the new document was submitted by two diplomats who didn’t want to disclose their identity.
One of those diplomats who worked for a significant period of time on the Iranian nuclear file noted that this document was written separately from the nuclear deal, but part of it was originated from that deal. He also confirmed the signing of the six major Countries on this document.
The majority of United Nations sanctions have been lifted from on Tehran last January when the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that it fulfilled its obligations under the nuclear deal concluded with Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and the United States. Nevertheless, Iran is still subject to the ban by the United Nations on arms and other restrictions.
In spite of this, global reports revealed on Monday that the United Nations confirmed the excesses of Iran’s nuclear deal, and its standing next to several groups outside its border, and provide them with weapons. In addition to recognition of sending Iran’s weapons to several groups in the region, particularly Iraq, and its violation of international law, during a hearing to listen to the report, which also discusses the excesses of Iran to the nuclear deal in the Security Council.

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