Workshop| The Kingdom of the Future: Towards Globalization, Forecasting the Future of Society, the Economy and Institutions Beyond 2030


The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah)  held a workshop entitled:  “The Kingdom of the Future:  Towards Globalization, Forecasting the Future of Society, the Economy and Institutions Beyond 2030” on Thursday December 1, 2022. Prominent strategic experts participated in the workshop.

The workshop commenced with opening remarks by Rasanah Vice  President Dr. Ahmed al-Garni and the founder of  Strategy Friends Dr. Mohammed al-Raziq. The workshop was moderated by Dr. Garni, Deputy Leader of the Saudi Scientific Association for Educational Leadership (SSAEL) and board member at Strategy Friends Dr. Mashaal al-Ghamdi,   and Media Advisor and Strategy Friends Spokesperson Ghala Abu Shararah.

 Participants of the workshop were from   Strategy Friends, a social initiative launched by Saudi strategists and specialists from variant fields of knowledge to enhance social awareness regarding Saudi Vision 2030  and to effectively help to achieve its goals.  Key speakers were Prof. Nawal al-Thunian, Sultan al-Shammari, Dr. Faisal al-Dhufairi, Dr. Hend al-Thunian, Dr. Juma’a al-Onaizi, and Rashed al-Zahrani.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Garni highlighted the significance of laying down forecasts and crafting strategies  to ensure the success of future projects in all walks of life. He underpinned that Rasanah’s research team conducts forecasts for international politics, the economy, and ideology.

The workshop included three main sessions as follows:

  • First session: “Saudi Human Resources: From Qualification to Empowerment for Global Competition,” highlighting  the programs and initiatives launched under Vision 2030 for human resources development and preparing the future workforce locally and globally.
  • Second session:  “The National Economy; Towards Global Competitiveness.”
  • Third session:  “Institutional Transformation to Innovation & Excellence in Government Performance & Service Improvement.

The participants also reviewed the projects of Vision 2030, which include reforming projects in all fields whether in finance, the economy, health, education, non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Further, they discussed the impact and the economic, social and environmental benefits of the Vision 2030 mega projects for Saudi Arabia. Finally they provided future scenarios for the Vision 2030 projects.

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