International Mediation Efforts to Settle the US-Iran Conflict: The Future of Iran’s Regional Influence

ByAbdul Rauf Mostafa Ghonaimy


The US-Iranian conflict has been escalating in the politically unstable Middle East and may plunge most of the region into a new war, which would generate unpredictable consequences. Yet, regional and international diplomatic moves have been accelerated in order to defuse tensions between the United States and its European allies on the one hand, and Iran and its regional proxies on the other hand. These moves are to be implemented through diplomatic tools to de-escalate tension in the region. Accordingly, several questions have arisen including: What are the expected results of international mediation efforts to bridge the US-Iranian gap, in other words, will mediation, if it continues, spare the region a war? Due to mediation attempts, what are the chances of the US and Iran sitting at the negotiating table and reaching a satisfactory settlement at a time when Iran disagrees with US negotiating conditions which have been stipulated by the US to ensure the exclusion of its regional influence during negotiations? What is the preferred option for Tehran, Washington, and the region to improve the negotiating conditions, is it armed confrontation or sitting at the negotiating table?

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Abdul Rauf Mostafa Ghonaimy
Abdul Rauf Mostafa Ghonaimy
Political researcher at Rasanah IIIS