America Planned for a Military Action against Iran and Unemployment is at its Highest Level


– Etemad newspaper considerers that Trump has already won the elections since he has succeeded to raise his voice to the American voters.
– Kayhan handles the gasp of Moderates to strengthen ties with the European Union.

Iranian News Roundup
– Iran’s non-oil exports to China up by 53%.
– Issuance of the sentences against offenders of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran.
– Minister of Defense: We will encounter any possible hostility against the region.
– Trump: Iran is the only winner from Mosul liberation operations.
– America planned for a military action against Iran.


Shargh Newspaper: Oil Message; from Tehran to Washington

Today’s editorial in Shargh Newspaper deals with the Iranian oil policies, holding that those policies are a proactive step against any new sanctions on Iran by the United States. The editorial says that on the day when Americans are going to polls for electing their next president, representatives of “French Total,” “Chinese CNBCI” and “Iranian Petropars” are gathering in Tehran to sign up initial agreements for developing Phase 11 of Pars southern field with National Oil Company. This agreement is sending an important message to Washington, as follows:
1- It stresses Iran’s ability to sign major oil agreements, regardless of American elections’ results, while responding to the claim that Iran cannot sign major oil agreements until the future of US-Iran relations is determined by the election of the new US President.
2- Iran is seeking to repeat the experience of the second and third Phases of Pars southern field development during the second term of Hashemi Rafsanjani’s presidency. Back then, he tried to alleviate the pressure of Western embargos, through contracts with some multinational companies, such as Total and Malaysian Petronas and Russia’s Gazprom. Thus, the United States was unable to put pressure on all states above and halt the project.
3. Despite the suspicious deals between Iran and the French company “Total,” the Iranian Oil Ministry could obtain necessary approval from the competent authorities, and that was in spite of France’s tough stance during the nuclear deal negotiations.
4. The Chinese fought for Phase 11, but they had to retreat under the ban pressure. Now their return is an unmistakable message that those pressures have been eliminated. In conclusion, it can be said that this agreement is a message for the new American president whoever he or she might be.
Iran is making its petroleum agreements compatible with the international and domestic political criteria. It is clear that the joint national companies in this convention are controlled by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), with which Rouhani was forced to have a deal with political consequences. According to this deal, no strong conservative candidates will be nominated to compete for upcoming presidential election. The Revolutionary Guard’s national companies got the lion’s share of the contract, while everyone else in Iran knows they do not have technical and financial capabilities to implement this project, especially given the fact that they failed in Phase 11 after the departure of the Chinese. Iran insists on selling this as a victory against the ban policies that were imposed, but in fact, it is a blatant example of monopoly and lack of foresight in the oil resources’ management, according to many Iranian economists’ opinions. It also points to the sensitive deals between Iran and Total that bribed senior Iranian officials to win oil contracts in Iran with terms and conditions that were obviously for the French company. This scandal has been overlooked by the Iranian regime, and no official has been held accountable.

Etemad Newspaper: Trump has won

An editorial in Etemad Newspaper presents its vision about the US presidential elections. Despite the fact that no one can predict the outcome of the US elections, the editorial believes that Trump has already won weather he takes over the office or not—and that is because he could give voice to American voters’ disapproval of the US government policies. That is a rejection of all those American political elites who claim that they see and know more than other US citizens, and also hold that all actions rooted in the preservation of US interests have become unacceptable for the majority of Americans—this idea was defined by Trump. He represents all those who have not only given up on achieving the American dream but all those who think that the reason behind each and every failure is that Democrats’ and Republicans’ managements are the same. These marginalized people are seriously committed to electing Trump, even if there is no hope for them to survive marginalization and be actively engaged in the heart of American life. Supporters of Trump have taken his side because of their hatred towards the official policies of the US. Therefore, according to the editorial, Trump is the winner in any case: he will always be the dream, which those who are marginalized in the United States seek.

Kayhan Newspaper: Identifying and hunting the Desperate Ones

Kahan’s editorial today criticizes those moderates who try to strengthen the Iranian relations with the EU at any price and without any reservation as to the preconditions of European countries. The editorial further mentions the foreign policy chief of the European Union, who two days ago talked about many challenges in this regard — including the Iranian presidential election. Foreign policy chief had also added that her intention in visiting Tehran was to find common grounds with Iran for cooperation in resolving the Syrian crisis. Ten days ago, Richard Hewitt the conductor of the strategic plan of the European Union on relations with Iran had said in this regard, “The nuclear deal was a turning point, in spite of all our problems with Iran that center around Israel, democracy, and human rights violations—issues that have not been resolved yet.” Moreover, he added that they must open the European Union office in Tehran and resume their dialogue on human rights issues in Iran. He believes that it is possible to make real progress in the human rights file in Iran. The editorial reflects the conservative views, which originate from Khamenei’s who refuses any talks about human rights and democracy in Iran. The editorial believes that moderates try to cooperate with Europe and the US to achieve fictitious economic gains that will not lead Iran to the Western countries’ submission– a perception that Khamenei has imposed on everyone including Rouhani, and is reflected in the recent Iranian oil contracts’ policy.

♦ Fairoz Abadi: America planned for a military action against Iran

Former Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces, Fairoz Abadi disclosed the new details about the presence of Russians on the Hamadan Airforce Base. Moreover, he described the American airplane RQ170 that was brought down by Iran as the American pride, saying that there was a possibility for the US to bomb the place where the unmanned aircraft fell, but Iran was ready for any offense.
“The talk about giving the Russians an air force base is 100% wrong. These statements came from countries that wanted to justify the failure of their intelligence agencies.” Abadi said. He continued, “The presence of Russians on the base had many benefits for us; Russians attacked the positions of the ISIS in cooperation with Iran and the Iranian personnel trained on the hands of Russian experts.
“There is no constitutional problem toward the presence of these airplanes. Nobody knows where they came from or where they have gone except the armed forces that controlled and guided these airplanes. Even the president himself that only receives reports about each operation after it had been carried out.
Tasnim Agency

♦ Kharazi: Iran has the most notable force over the last millennium

Chairperson of the central committee for the Nadai Iranian Party, Mohammed Sadiq Kharazi said that America wanted to negotiate with Iran during the reign of Ahmadinejad through Omani mediators. Ali Akbar Salehi did not take the issue seriously until the American willingness to negotiate with Iran was brought up by a trustworthy channel from Oman. Then it was discussed in the Iranian National Security Council and presented to the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei.
Khamenei, in his turn, planned the framework of talks concerning the nuclear deal and called for generalizing these discussions at higher levels rather than ministers to achieve progress.
Kharazi added, “The JCPOA is not a divine contract. It does not comply with the Iranian ambitions and should be ignored. Iran today is the top power in the Middle East, and over the past millennium Iran has never gained such power.”
He continued, “We have to obey the leader’s orders and do not hold friendly relations with any country. We have to understand that people who want to make another joint plan of work out of the nuclear deal are going after their interests but not people’s interests.”
Mashrigh News Website

♦ Two armed cells terminated

Spokesperson of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, Ramadan Sharif claimed that the Iranian revolutionary guards and the Iranian armed forces are completely dominating the activities of terrorist groups in contact with external intelligence agencies, adding that these terrorist groups such as Komalla and former Democratic are plotting against Iran’s stability. But the Iranian intelligence awareness and the experiences of the Iranian armed forces have prevented all terrorist activities from happening, which is evident in the termination of two cells consisting of 12 to 16 individuals that were planning for terrorist attacks in the country, as claimed by Ramadan Sharif.
Jam-e-Jam Newspaper

♦ Unemployment makes a record during the reign of Rouhani

Statistics Center disclosed that unemployment had made a record in the history of Iran after the revolution. “Unemployed totaled 3 million and 337 thousand individual, which is an unprecedented number in Iran.”
The highest unemployment statistics was in 2010 that registered 3 million and 218 thousand individuals.
According to Tafahom News, unemployment in Iran amounted to 12.7% in the summer achieving with 1.8% increase compared with the same period of last year.
On the other hand, the Iranian statistics Center revealed that the number of employed people in Iran totaled 23031464 people.
Alf News Website

♦ Trump: Iran is the only winner from the Mosul liberation operations

The Republican candidate for the American presidential elections, Donald Trump stated that the liberation of Mosul is benefiting only Iran, the biggest power in Iraq nowadays. Trump that considers himself the candidate of changing the American political trend has again objected the strategies of liberating Mosul and the presence of the US in operations.
Jam-e-Jam Newspaper

♦ Release of the sentences against the Saudi embassy offenders

Two of the accused in the attacks on the Saudi embassy in Tehran were informed of the sentence against them. The offenders’ Attorney, Mohammed Narimani said that one of his clients was sentenced 91 days imprisonment but with the suspension of the sentence.
Mustafa Sha’bani, Attorney of some the defendants, in this case, informed ISNA News Agency that his clients had been sentenced for charges of undermining law and order.
In addition to that, the judge ruled of acquittal of the 20 offenders. A year after the offense on the Saudi embassy in Tehran he ruled 3 out of 25 offenders six months imprisonment and 70 whips, and another 12 to 91 days with the suspension of the sentence.
According to one of the Attorneys, all 20 offenders belong to the Basij forces and have participated in the Syrian war before.
Farda Radio Website

♦ A Former Minister: The American elections are unethical

In his evaluation of the Iranian Electoral Environment and the chances of Hassan Rouhani to win the elections, Energy Minister in former President Ahmadinejad’s government, Barwiz Fattah said that he cannot predict the results of elections in order to avoid criticism of the Iranian electoral process, which will influence the credibility of the Iranian regime.
In his response about the hardliner candidate for the upcoming elections, Fattah said that it is inappropriate to ask about fundamentalists only; we have to ask about both currents; we have to proceed on and make the environment more serious and competitive between all candidates.
Fattah concluded, “I hope that the upcoming elections are competitive and ethical to outperform the unethical American elections.
When he was asked about his candidacy for the upcoming elections in 2017, Fattah never responded.
Khabar Online Website.

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