Iranian Newspapers (8th Sep. 2016) Iranian Green light: Hezbollah to exchange prisoners with Israel and American assertions of Tehran’s threats to the region


– Kayhan attacks reformists for calling for rapprochement with the United States
– Social justice and criticizing discrimination in social care programs

– The arrest of a separatist cell in Tabriz

– Appointment of Hishmatullah Malakian Deputy commander of operations in Iran’s Army
– Iran displays S-300 systems at the outskirts of Tehran
– Eight members of the Kurdish Democratic Party killed in Zaradisht

– Vice-president of the Parliamentary Energy Committee asserts Iran’s important role in OPEC

Afarinesh daily Newspaper
“Iranians await social justice”
An editorial in Thursday’s afarinesh daily newspaper discusses social justice in light of recent official reports indicating an increase in the numbers of Iranians living beneath the poverty line and suffering from a low standard of living. The editorial asserts that social justice is not limited to improving conditions for the poor and disadvantaged in society, but offering motivation to these groups to allow them to participate in mainstream society and lift themselves out of poverty, adding that the next phase after this is to ensure fundamental freedoms and to attain social justice, creating opportunities and ensuring equality, while eliminating discrimination in the political, economic and social spheres. These stages can only be attained through the implementation of just laws, the editorial asserted, condemning what it said are the selective and discriminatory nature of current regime programs to help peoples in these groups, which it claimed offer assistance on the basis of recipients’ political affiliations or displays of loyalty to the regime.
The current system should instead be replaced with a comprehensive system of development and social justice, provided with adequate levels of financial and material support, the editorial concluded, asserting that Iranian society needs to broaden social inclusive and adopt more openness in educational policies, ensuring that these are not subject to political favoritism.

Kayhan Newspaper
“Follow the Philippines’ example”
An editorial in Thursday’s Kayhan Newspaper praised the recent statement by the Philippines’ president in which he called the President Obama a “son of a whore”, saying that the Philippines had adopted a position reflecting their rejection of American hegemony, which the editorial compared unfavorably to Iranian reformists’ reconciliation with the USA.
The editorial said that after Rodrigo Duterte insulted the US President he had expressed hostility towards the United States. It’s widely known that the Philippines is the main US military base in its confrontations with China, the editorial continued, adding that this position has enabled the US to control naval movements in Southeast Asia for decades. Washington is in a state of constant anxiety about growing popular protests in the Philippines and Southeast Asia in response to the US military presence and military exercises in the region, the editorial continued, with Washington having already closed its largest military base in the Philippines in 1992, although the US military base on the island of Mandinawa remains operational, with between 30,000 and 50,000 US troops stationed there.
The editorial said that the United States has no scruples about betraying its allies, as with the failed coup in Turkey and its spying on the German Chancellor, adding that while the insults towards Obama by the Philippines President may have been inappropriate after the Philippines serving the USA for many years, the US had no right to criticize the Philippines’ leadership for the execution of drug dealers or other domestic issues.
The editorial asserted that the reason behind the current crisis is Obama’s condemnation of the Philippines’ government’s mass executions of accused drug traffickers without trial, with the number reaching at least 2,400, and its allowing security forces to open fire directly on anyone accused or suspected of drug use, with both these things raising suspicions of a political dimension to the killings. It is known that the Philippines is currently waging war against MORO members located in Mindenawa Island, a policy identical to the Iranian regime’s policy toward the Sunnis in Sistan and Baluchistan region of Iran who are routinely executed on the pretext of drug trafficking, thus it’s possible that Iran will gain a new friend in the Philippines with similar policies. Kayhan asserts that the US is scared of losing its military bases in the Philippines and of China’s growing role in southeast Asia as the US role there shrinks.

Jahan Sanaat Newspaper
“Traitor who fears of transparency”
An editorial in Thursday’s Jahan Sanaat commented on the anger among conservatives in Iran over the government’s adoption of money laundering and terror funding legislation under an international convention after Massoud Bazhakian, the parliamentary Vice President and head of Iran’s Radio and Television Commission, condemned the opponents of the convention for what he said was their flawed political and economic analysis which pushed for rejecting the legislation, adding that so long as there is no transparency, political and economic corruption will continue.
Addressing at a news conference in Tabriz yesterday in the Azeri language, Bazhakian strongly condemned the conservatives, saying that they had impeded transparency, and accused media outlets affiliated with them of offering inexpert and ignorant analysis, adding that some were fearful of revealing the truth whilst others were simply inadequately informed.
Bazhakian asserted that only traitors fear transparency and that if Iran had a transparent system corrupt individuals would not have been able to take over 2.8 billion Euros from state funds, with the state so far unable to determine how the money was stolen and who within the administration facilitated this theft. Even anti-corruption operations in Iran have been unable to operate effectively since due to the lack of transparency the officials cannot access information to detect which individuals are corrupt, Bazhakian said, while the domestic system depends on untraceable accounts and aliases. For all these reasons, he concluded, the conservatives in the country are fearful of the implementation of money-laundering legislation.

♦ Iran is a major player in OPEC

Vice-president of the Parliamentary Energy Committee, Hussein Amiri Khamkani, noted that Iran has regained its position in the oil market, which surprised other members of OPEC. Khamkani noted that OPEC Secretary General Visit to Iran is the first since he assumed his responsibilities, which means that Iran is still a major player in the international organization.
Sourced: Sharq Newspaper

♦ Reason of fears from America is weakness of Tawheed “Monotheism”

Mohammed Misbah Tazdi said that those who fear America have weak Tawheed “Monotheism.” Although they believe in Allah, they think that America is strong and unbeatable, he added. This statement is a clear criticism of Rouhani who has been accused by conservatives of establishing relations with the United States. MP Ahmed Salik also stated that many of the Iranian government officials cope with the US policies, adding that hypocrites are making obstacles in the way of the revolution and spread depression in the Iranian society.
Source: Dejirian Site

♦ Eight regime opponents killed in Zaradisht

Zaradisht governor Aziz Husni stated that the Iranian security forces killed eight members of the Democratic Party at the zero-point border in zaradisht. He added that security forces suffered no losses and has secured the area
Source: Jam-e-Jam Newspaper

♦ The arrest of a separatist cell in Tabriz

President of the Ministry of Justice Administration in Eastern Azerbaijan province, Hikmat Ali Mozaffari, announced the arrest of an espionage separatist group in Tabriz. He added that this cell is called “Jamo” and consisted of six members, asserting that the cell was collecting military and economic documents to hand them out to Iran’s enemies.
Source: Jam-e-Jam Newspaper

♦ The arrest of 300 drug dealers in 115 dens in Tehran

Tehran’s police forces commander, Brigadier Hussien Sajidi Nia announced the arrest of 300 drug dealers in 115 dens in Tehran within a comprehensive plan to fight this phenomenon. Nia announced the close down of 9 places for drug consumption and seizure of 45 kilograms of drugs in these places.
Source: Iran Newspaper

♦ Vice-president of the national security committee: Iran is ready to exchange prisoners in cooperation with Hezbollah

Vice-President of the Parliamentary National Security Committee, Abo Alfadl Hassan Beiki, denied the claims of the Israeli press about Hezbollah and Iran’s cooperation with the Zionist entity in searching for a lost Israeli pilot. The Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper recently claimed that the Israeli Army has succeeded in cooperation with Hezbollah and Iran in finding clues about the destiny of the lost Israeli pilot, Ron Arad who was arrested in Lebanon by Amal Movement 30 years ago and then disappeared. The newspaper added that the Iranian cooperation in solving this problem came in exchange for information about the four Iranian lost diplomats in 1982 in Lebanon including Ahmed Mutavasilian.
Source: IRAN Newspaper

♦ British magazine’s claims about the S-300 systems

British Jane Divan’s Magazine, specialized in military issues claimed that Iran has displayed the S-300s at the outskirts of Tehran. Satellite imagery shows Iran has not deployed an S-300 long-range air defense system at the Frodo uranium enrichment facility as claimed. It also added that the water imagery came on the Iranian TV is located in eastern Tehran but not at Frodo area. The magazine also wrote: “It is still unclear whether Iran has received the Russian S300 PMU1 and PMU2 with long-range 48N6E2 missiles.” In fact, it seems that the display of these systems has worried Iran’s rivals. Carrying out the news, Fox News asserted Iran’s intentions for uranium enrichment on the short or medium run, which is considered a violation of the nuclear deal. Displaying the S-300s in Iran makes it difficult for the Zionist entity to attack Frodo nuclear facilities, Fox News added. The American airplanes “The Ghost” that cannot be detected by radar such as B-2 Bomber and F-22 fighter Raptor can bypass the S-300 systems, but a big number of these missiles will make it hard for the American airplanes to approach the area. According to Fox news, there is an Israeli plan to destroy the Frodo facility by Anti-concrete bombs through the frequent bombing of one point of this facility. Although Israel does not have this kind of bombs or their carriers but it does have the five-ton GBU-28 bomb that can penetrate the concrete and can be deployed by the F-15 fighters. Fox news also added that S-300 is considered a real threat to the F-15 fighters.
The American Daily Clear site reported from vice-president of Defending Democracy College that the S-300 systems have strengthened the Iran’s air defense and restricted military operations against Frodo facility.
Source: Mashriq Newspaper

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