Iranian press (August, 1st, 2016) Close out a conservative magazine because of cinema festival and new options for the next presidency.


Ebtikar editorial is considered the most prominent today; it highlighted the arrogance look and lack of realism among conservatives in their outlook of self and dealing with the countries of the world. Highlight the crisis between Revolutionary Guards and Iranian army in terms of privileges and power, in addition to the efforts to settle down things between the two sides.

In the news, a conservative member of the Assembly of Experts statement about nominating a candidate for presidential elections, along with the threat of some Hawza scholars of Qum to president Rouhani concerning a confidential letter sent to him. Socially, close down a hard-liner pro-Ansar Allah Magazine (Yalserat) due to some immoral phrases, the informal housing file, and a water crisis hit 40 villages and 3 cities in the Alborz province.

“Maintain the unity of the Iranian armed forces,” Merdam Salari Newspaper handles the crisis between the Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian army. The army complained about unequal treatment compared to the Revolutionary Guards who are acting superior toward the Iranian army. The editorial says that the regime internal and external rivals raise sedition among the Iranian armed forces. In an unprecedented incident, an individual belonging to a particular political stream has turned against his country and is trying to raise tension between the army and the Revolutionary Guards through lies and rumors saying, “If the country sinks, the Army will take no response”. The editorial aims at Hassan Abbasi, a Revolutionary Guard leader, who criticized the Iranian army and the big losses it suffered during the Iranian-Iraqi war, which spooked the army leaders over the past two days. The editorial says that this person is criticizing the intervention of the army in political issues; meanwhile, it condemns the intervention of all military forces in the political life. Merdam Salari, a reformist newspaper, relied upon Khomeini’s commandments that emphasize the exclusion of the Revolutionary Guards and army from politics, which reflects the fears of the Guards carrying out a military coup in a critical period following a big event like the death of Khamenei. This concern is growing within the Iranian elite, and perhaps offense against the army by Guards represents a struggle for power even before it gets to the hands of the military and the talk about sharing power between the army and the Revolutionary Guards.

“Resign or object, that is the problem,” Jehan Senaat Newspaper quotes the famous Hamlet’s words to discuss the resignation of Jalal Pour, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Minerals of Iran. The editorial says that heart disease is the best excuse for senior officials when they resign and give up responsibilities. This method was used by Jalal Pour when submitting his resignation by the end of last week. Jalal Pour is a reputable merchant and has an experience in managing Kerman Chamber of Commerce. The editorial says that with the signing of the nuclear deal, it was expected to increase the role of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce to be the private sector’s gateway in economic transactions with the outside world and Western countries in particular, through hosting economic delegations and traveling abroad. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. The Iranian economists realize that Iran’s economic situation after the nuclear deal is the same as before. Economic deals are still made through the government away from the free market and competition. The best choice for Jalal Pour is to keep silent and resign, which is a courageous step for him that might move the sense of Iranian officials that are standing against the free market economy in Iran.

“Iranian people are like all other peoples,” Ebtekar” Newspaper criticizes the arrogant look and lack of realism of conservatives in dealing with other countries. The editorial says, in a rare occasion of self-criticism, that the Iranian people are like other peoples of the world; need food, clothing, housing, savings, happiness, sports, health, security, and to be respected by others. The majority of Iranian people believe they are part of humanity and equal to other peoples of the world. On the other hand, only a small but a powerful group in Iran, biased and subjective, changes facts and falsely amplifies the Iranians’ capabilities through circus propaganda that portrays Iranians as superior to other people. This group has also adopted hostility and aggressiveness toward the world that is devoted to serving them, as they believe. For instance, this group knows that the Iranian economic development requires foreign investment, utilization of global resources, and internal savings. Nevertheless, they strongly stand against foreign investment and create obstacles to the Iranian government in this regard. During the period from 2001- 2008 all executive, legislative and judicial authorities were in the hands of this tiny group when Iran achieved the highest oil income. However, Iranian GNP growth did not exceed 4% per year. In fact, this group has to understand that they live in an interdependent and mutual-benefit world. They can’t continue playing with people’s emotions via their huge media and portray Iranian people as superior to others. They have to stop lies and deception they think would prolong their political life.

♦ Production units work at 20% of their capacity

Member of the committee of plans and budget in the Iranian parliament, Mehrdad Lahoni said that producers are currently working at only 20% to 30% of their capacity. He added that a great amount of goods and commodities, which are imported from abroad, can be produced in Iran, referring to the problem of smuggling that amounts to 25 billion USDs annually.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ 11 million people live in informal dwellings

Head of Social Relief Society, Hassan Mousavi Gelk, handles the unofficial housing issue and the damage it causes to the country. He said that despite the governmental law in 2015 that tackles this phenomenon, it still poses a threat to the Iranian society. He insisted on finding alternatives for people who live in unofficial and random dwellings. Recent statistics reported about 18 million people living in slums and outskirts of cities, and another 11 million live in unofficial homes.
Source: Arman Newspaper.

♦ Increasing divorce rates within the first five years of marriage in Iran

Director General of Marriage and Family Office in the Ministry of Youth said that more than half divorce cases are recorded during the first five years of marriage. He added that this phenomenon has achieved remarkable increase recently. Statistics indicated that 14% of divorce cases occur within the first year of marriage, and 50% within the first five years. Statistics also showed that against every 100 marriages there are 24 divorce cases in Iran
Source: Arman Newspaper.

♦ Identifying the letters of threat sender to the people of Ardakan
A well-connected source stated that the person who was sending letters of threat to the people of Ardakan has been identified in Tehran and will be subject to trial. The source added that the surprising thing in this file is that this person had classified and personal information of people. The messages were sent to people who hang pictures of former officials on their cars, mainly reformists like President Mohammad Khatami.
Source: Iran Newspaper.

♦ Yalserat Magazine is shut down for immoral issues

Spokesman of the Ministry of Culture and Guidance, Hussein Nosh Abadi, declared that the license of Yalserat Magazine has been suspended by a decision of Censorship Board of Press for unethical reasons. He added that this magazine has been closed many times for the same reasons, but re-opened under mediation pressures. Due to the insults, it cast to art and artists, Censorship Board of Press has decided to close the magazine down, regardless of its belonging. He stressed that such decisions are final and independent, and are shared by all powers.
Source: Young Journalists Club Agency.

♦ Water crisis in 40 villages and 3 cities in Savajbolagh

Mayor of Savajbolagh in Alborz province, Abu al-Qasim Palizger declared that forty villages and three cities in this region are facing water crisis due to drilling unauthorized wells. He added that more than 150 unauthorized wells have been closed, and 245 drilling machines confiscated as an attempt to face this water crisis.
Source: Kayhan Newspaper.

♦ Hawza scholars threaten of the disclosure of a message of criticism for Rouhani

Some members of Hawza scholars assembly in Qum has threatened president Rouhani that if he doesn’t respond to the secret message they sent him a few months ago, they will announce the content of this letter in public.
Tasnim Agency stated that this political and religious assembly criticized some cultural approaches and behaviors of senior officials in the eleventh government, in a letter to the president in June this year.
Mahmoud Rajabi, faculty member of Hawza in Qum told Fares News Agency that until the moment he had not received any response to the message from Rouhani. Hassan Mamdouhi, another member of Hawza faculty in Qum, informed Fares News Agency that if Hassan Rouhani doesn’t respond to the message of the faculty, the content of this message will be announced to the public.
Ahmad Khatami, another member of Hawza faculty in Qum, in an Iranian television program, said, “The faculty wrote a letter to the president explaining particular problems. Now the message is a secret between us and the President, but will be declared to the public in case he doesn’t respond.
Ali Momen, one of the most prominent Hawza teaching staff in Qum, told Tasnim that the primary objective of this letter is to enforce the Islamic principals of the republic and the teachings of the Jurist Leader.
Source: Radio Farda.

Movahedi Kermani: I don’t think that we will support Ahmadinejad or Rouhani, we have new choices

Secretary General of Clergy Militants Association, Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani, announced the conservatives’ preparations for the upcoming elections. He added that the revolutionary forces and the conservative movement have proper and serious choices for 2017’s elections, stating the improper possibility of the clergy to support Rouhani under the current circumstances.
In regard to Ahmadinejad, Kermani said that this choice hasn’t been discussed yet, but doesn’t believe they will support him, confirming that the total issue of elections hasn’t been discussed by this current.
Source: Entikhab.

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