Iranian press (July 31st) an increase in cyber-crimes and fires spread in Iran


Iranian newspapers on Thursday, July 31st, 2016 handled the new political alliances and preparations for the presidential elections. In addition, they warn from the arrival of Ahmadinejad or an affiliate figure of him; the disclosure of confidential information concerning the nuclear deal, and the sources and reactions on the leak of this information; as well as Iran’s rank in suicide rate

“New political conventions” Sharq Newspaper handles two new political terms appeared in the Iranian political discourse, which are (Moving beyond Rouhani’s era) and (Blank Check). The editorial says that the reformist who has created these conventions is unknown, which means that Rouhani should not be taken for granted. Full support of him as their only candidate doesn’t mean approval of all his policies. On the other hand, the Right-Conservatives haven’t introduced a very strong candidate except same old faces such as Qalibaf, Jalili, and Mohsen Rezai who can’t achieve more than what they got in the previous elections. The editorial expects that the candidates of minorities would weaken the status of Rouhani. Based on this, he can’t achieve more than twenty million votes. The editorial stresses that reformists can’t hold power without conducting alliances. Iran’s Political reality reflects the need for a new character to take over the presidency; a straight character that has never been involved in scandals or even a shadowy figure that all Iranians quickly align around him.

“The sources of classified information about Iran,” Iran” Newspaper discussed the disclosure of classified information about the secret agreements related to the nuclear deal and the sources of these confidential documents. The editorial says that after the American Associated Press News Agency announced new information on the nuclear deal, based on a confidential document quoting a famous diplomatic figure, stated that after eleven years of implementation of the nuclear agreement, Iran can speed up the process of enrichment of uranium five more times than before through replacing current centrifuges with more sophisticated ones. It is known that this information is classified at the International Atomic Energy Agency as an additional protocol to the nuclear deal. So far, there are three suspects behind the leak of these documents. The first one is the International Atomic Energy Agency. The second is the Joint Commission for the nuclear deal. And the third possibility is a diplomat close to one of the previously mentioned organizations. The editorial stresses that the International Atomic Energy Agency bears responsibility for the disclosure of this information. It also says that according to IAEA’s list of Articles, the agency ensures the security of all its agreements and discussions. Therefore, the editorial calls the Iranian government to sue the IAEA. Nevertheless, this leak rest assures opponents of the nuclear deal that the agreement has a positive side like the progress of the Iranian nuclear program, but at the same time hurts Iran through hostile reactions from Israel, and the US Congress or any new American government.

“Why are the economic problems in Iran impossible?” Jehan Senaat Newspaper analyzes the reasons for the continuation of Iran’s economic problems and lack of solutions. So far Iran hasn’t determined which model to adopt for development, the South Korean or North Korean model? Shall it adopt the free economy model or the socialist one? Shall the Iranian economy rely on savings of its own citizens to maintain stability and avoid economic shocks, or get foreign investments? Shall it impose high tariffs to prevent the entry of foreign goods, or works in accordance with the WTO regulations? Are petrochemical industries enough for Iran, or shall development include all other industries? The editorial acknowledged that the Iranian economy abides by the significant changes in the Iranian politics, which is the key factor in planning the economic policies of Iran. If Iran continues another ten years without identifying a clear economic strategy, the Iranian market will be disastrous and dominated by other markets like China, India, and South Korea, who will attract all investments and leave no opportunity for investment in tourism, petrochemicals, oil, and gas in Iran.

“One choice of two currents,” Ebtikar” newspaper discusses the nature of political affiliation of Rouhani, the impact on his performance in the previous period, and his next political alliances. The editorial says that Rouhani can be neither defined a full conservative fundamentalist nor a real reformist. The basis of his political vision is to stay foot from partisan rivalries. The Editorial says that reformers realize very well that the policy of moving beyond Rouhani’s stage will not enable them to achieve their goals, and could also be costly. On the other hand, conservatives haven’t made up their minds about their stand toward Rouhani, whether to support him or not. Despite the severe discredit campaigns against him, it seems that the traditional conservative current fears supporting its hardliner faction, because the traditional conservatives have actively participated in the government over the past three years of Rouhani’s first term, and the possibility of being excluded in case of the extremist conservatives take over power in Iran. The editorial confirms that the balance Rouhani has achieved between the political factions ensures his winning of the upcoming presidential elections. The coming of Ahmadinejad or any of his affiliates would topple down this political balance that has come about by Rouhani.

♦ Iran’s rank in suicide rates on the world’s list

Assistant Chief of Social Affairs Center in the Ministry of Interior Affairs, Reza Mahboubi, stated that Iran occupies rank 106 in the world in terms of suicide rates, adding that social damage is caused by the lack of a comprehensive program to tackle problems of the Iranian community.
Source: Arman Newspaper.

♦ Russian commercial office in Iran

In order to increase the level of bilateral economic relations between Russia and Iran, a Russian commercial bureau has been opened in Tehran. According to Tasnim News Agency, the Russian commercial office will contribute to strengthening economic relations and increase the exchange of goods between the two countries. The size of trade between both sides amounted to 1 billion and 700 million dollars in 2014. In 2015 it grew 30% and achieved 69% during the first six months of this year.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ 62% rise in cyber crimes over the last year

Head of Iranian Police for Information production and exchange, Kamal Hadianfer warned about the dangers resulting from receipt of telegram messages to prevent the access to users’ personal information since those servers are managed by foreigners abroad. He also added that the percentage of cyber-crimes amounted to 62% in one year. The most prominent crimes concentrated on bank accounts, immoral subjects, lies, and rumors.
Source: ISNA News Agency.

♦ Leaking information about the 15-year nuclear program that angered Iran

Iranian MPs believe that the disclosure of confidential information related to Iran’s nuclear program over the next fifteen years by the negotiating party and the International Atomic Energy Agency is a non-diplomat behavior. In addition to confidence withdrawal in establishing the necessary relationships, they will face hard dealing by the Iranian diplomatic staff as well.
Bait Alomma News Agency said that the Associated Press claimed to receive a document about restrictions imposed on the Iranian enrichment program. This document states that Iran can increase its enrichment capabilities beginning of the eleventh year of the Joint Action Plan implementation until the end of the fifteenth year.
After this agreement, Ali Akbar Salehi, Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization said in a live television broadcast that he demanded the Iranian nuclear program file be kept a secret, given that the Iranian nuclear program is implemented on the long run.
Nevertheless, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran preferred to see the reaction by the other side, when Behrouz Kamalondi, spokesperson of the organization, announced sending a memorandum of objection to the International Atomic Energy Agency since this agency is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Iranian nuclear program details.
Vice-President of the Atomic Energy Organization noted that there are no obstacles in front of the Iranian nuclear industry growth, and the existing restrictions are only feudal saying, “in light of the information leak about our 15-year nuclear program by IAEA, Iran’s ambassador to the IAEA will submit a memorandum of objection to this agency concerning the leak”
Source: Bait Alomma News Agency.

♦ Provisional release for eight protesters on racism in Khoi

Eight people of peaceful demonstrators protesting against the Iranian racism who were arrested in Khoi have been released on Friday evening. This release came after 24 hours of detention on a temporary basis from Khoi prison.
Salman Iraqi, Wahid Safari, Javad Alizadeh, Farhad Soleimanpour, Hussein Bastanji, Mohammed Hadi Abbas Zad, Mehrab Kazem Luie, and Saeed Warmaziar were arrested on Thursday afternoon following peaceful demonstrations against racism and were transported to security headquarters in Khoi for investigation.
The detainee, Hussein Bastnaji was abused and beaten up. He admitted to hospital last night for treatment and investigation. Khoi Revolutionary Court, headed by Justice Shah Hosseini, accused those individuals on charges of disturbing public order.
Khoi activists announced that the official of security forces and intelligence, Brigadier Abdar gave orders to suppress demonstrators. Suppression was carried out by Karim Alizadeh, a senior security official in the city intelligence police.
Tens of people were subject to abuse, beating, insults and arrests in various cities of Azerbaijan during the anti-racism demonstrations, while the person who caused this unrest and insulted the Turkish identity and ethnicity rests under the protection of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence.
Source: Gamaj Agency

♦ Delay in payment of wages to workers of Rajaa Company

A number of contractors working with Railways Transportation Company through contacting ILNA news agency confirmed the delay in payment of wages of their dues. According to these workers, wages have not been paid for hundreds of technicians over the past months. They stressed that payments of some workers have been delayed for more than three months despite their long experience and employment with Rajaa Company.
Rajaa Company officials blamed managers of construction companies for this delay and promised to solve this problem this week as a response to workers demonstrations against the company.
Source: ILNA Agency.

♦ An increase of semiconductor beggars numbers in Tehran

Cultural and social affairs assistant in Tehran municipality, Mojtaba Abdul Alelahi, stressed on the need for a serious solution for semiconductor beggars and alerted people not to give them assistance in the capital.
He referred to the spread of the phenomenon of begging that has increased in Tehran recently, in an interview with the ISNA News Agency. The semiconductor beggars are people begging undercover by selling roses and napkins in the streets and at traffic lights.
Abdul Alelahi explained that officials cannot prevent beggars and semiconductor beggars alone. People should be involved in this issue and help reduce the spread of this phenomenon.
Source: ISNA News Agency.

♦ Fire phenomenon: A continuous show in Iran

Barely does a day pass without announcing a fire in residential buildings in southern Tehran. Fires broke out again in Abu Ali Sina Petrochemical Compound for the second time this month. Nine people suffered burns, and Executive Director of the compound was transported to the hospital as a result of heart disease.
Fares Asalouia Compound ports also witnessed a fire in the control room. This is considered the main compound for imports and exports in the region and one of the most important coordinates to attract internal and foreign investors.
In addition to the two previous fires, residents of Bishva in southern Tehran heard a huge explosion in the martyr Bazuki base in Alnajem resulting from a fuel reservoir on the base. According to city officials, the explosion resulted from an electrical short but caused no casualties in lives and properties, confirming normality of conditions in the city.
Forests and parks didn’t also survive of fires. General Manager of preservation of the environment in Kahgolie and Boyer Ahmad, Asadullah Hashemi, declared the containment of a senior fire in Dashtak30 in the National Park in Dana. He said that the environmental monitoring station helped to contain the fire side by side with guard officers and inhabitants of the region, confirming the fire was caused by “vandals”.
Source: Iranian Agencies.

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