Mogherini to Hold Talks with Zarif in Tehran and 250 Thousand Sunni Suffer in Zahedan


– Afarinsh handles contradiction in the Iranian society conditions and the official speech of the regime.
– Etimad discusses the Iranian strategic coalitions in light of the Syrian crisis.

Iranian News Roundup
– The Guards: 8000 Iranian missiles ready to fire.
– Guards leader killed in Syria.
– Explosion in a Turkish-Iranian gas pipeline.
– Vote of confidence on the three nominated ministers to be held this week.
– Turkey asserts the trial of the Turkish-Iranian Zarrab is political.


Afarinsh Newspaper: Discrepancy between the reality of Iranian society and official speech platforms

An editorial in Afarinsh Newspaper today criticizes the social culture in Iran and recognizes that Iran as a society has chosen to beautify the image across official speech platforms and yet seeks to create false perceptions, while the reality is something else. The Iranian cultural reality is unable to be opened on the outside world from a position of strength, as to have principles and rules to create an independent identity without being influenced by what disagrees. The editorial considers that the cultural content cannot be denied as a mainstay of social life at different levels, so the high culture is the basis of progressing the community members. The cultural vulgarity is what creates corruption in all aspects of people’s lives, behavior and actions. The editorial also says that after more than three decades of the Iranian revolution, we must accept that we could not consolidate the values, which Islam emphasized as the basis of humanity in actions and sayings of community members. We see lies today, accusations without evidence and partisanship of individuals and political currents against each other in the Iranian society, and do not consider that a violation of those values, but we believe it as phenomenal and acceptable work in the community. Today, we find the Iranian officials’ words in the official discourse platforms carried out by ethical norms of Islamic principles. In fact, the community does not implement any of these words and there is immoral status in terms core of officials, for example, we talk these days about the economic privatization, while the core matter is to open the door for public money and destruction of resources, the result is the accumulation of corruption files. The same thing with canceling concerts, “we comment that abolishing orchestral concerts was not because of permission or prohibition because there is “Fatwa” by Khomeini that permitting music, but because of the turnout of the Iranian youth in past years on those concerts, which often have a social theme. Moreover, clergy objected on these concerts because it pulls the rug from under their feet because these concerts gathering the Iranian youth around the enforcers who mostly be from the reformist current. The prohibition here was a political objective rather than religious.” Therefore, the editorial says that the national media are suffering from various censorship methods and illogical positions led to a decline in public confidence in the national media. Symphonic Orchestra and national singers have become forbidden for the Iranian youth to listen through national media.

Etimad Newspaper: Strengthening Strategic Alliances

Today’s editorial in Etimad Newspaper comments on the Joint Meeting, which included Foreign ministries of Iran, Syria, and Russia, which was held yesterday in Moscow to consult about the situation in Syria after the collapse of a cease-fire agreement between Russia and America. The editorial considers the meeting will lead to strengthening the coordination between the three parties, and the first raised issue is the combat situation in eastern Aleppo. The editorial also says that there is a particular emphasis from Russia and Syria to regain eastern Aleppo, which is observed by stepping up their attacks on the region, which has led to mounting criticism of Russia by Western countries, but it seems that it will not change the Russian decision. Both Russia and Syria are aware that if they enter the east of Aleppo, their position will be enhanced in the talks more than ever. Therefore, Russia and Syria will be treated by strength at both home and international levels because Aleppo is the core of the opposition and there is no other region has the same political importance than Aleppo. There is another crisis getting wider in the Syrian conflict, Raqqa city is under ISIS control which is expected to attract scores of elements under the pressure of fighting in Mosul and the increasing insistence of Turkey to participate in the battle of Mosul and expand its role in Syria as well. This matter requires greater coordination between Russia and Syria to put an end of the Turkish intervention. The US believes that the most significant role to eject Raqqa from ISIS hand by Kurdish militants while Turkey opposed, which has contributed to add new complications for the Syrian crisis and increased the possibilities to outbreak major clash between the great powers on the Syrian territory. Therefore, Russia conducting these talks with both Iran and Syria to strengthen the strategic alliance with Iran, Sergei Lavrov tried hardly great even to achieve Moscow and Tehran rapprochement. The editorial wonders, Is Tehran will provide more facilities for Moscow in the future? It seems to mean military services, such as, when Iran permitted Russia to use Hamedan air base, Could Iran do that again? What implications on implementing the nuclear deal with the US? Is it possible that the United States continues to make concessions one after another to Iran in spite of its recent challenge in the Middle East?

Ebticar Newspaper: Parliament of censorship or observation

An editorial in Ebticar Newspaper today assesses the status of the Iranian parliament and its position in the pyramid of power in Iran. The editorial says that Khomeini as the founder of state regime stressed that the parliament (Shura Council) is on the top of any entity that monitors all institutions of power, but the fact that the Iranian parliament is not allowed to intervene in the work of many agencies, such as military affairs, judiciary, and many other institutions. However, whether we accept that the parliament is the or not, it is conducting the legislative role also the role of government censorship. The editorial also hopes that representatives will create a house able to do the role of censorship and reveal corruption in the Iranian administrative system.


The Guards: 8000 missiles ready to fire

“8000 missiles ready to defend Iran,” higher advisor of Revolutionary Guards, Hussein Daqiqi claimed. “The Iranian strategy is to enhance our defense against the countries of arrogance,” he said. “The West and the Zionist entity failed to make war on Iran; consequently, they have imposed sanctions on Tehran and contributed to the spread of corruption and drugs in the country,” Daqiqi added.
Fares Agency

♦ Revolutionary Guards Leader Killed in Syria

Revolutionary Guards leader, Golam Riza Sama’i was killed in Syria last Wednesday. Earlier, Sama’i had assumed many positions before he moved to Syria such as Commander of Basij Forces in Torbat Haidariah, Commander of Intelligence in Ahwaz, Commander of Revolutionary Guards Intelligence, Commander of the Artillery Battalion, Commander of the Fifth Brigade Nasr. Also, Commander of the Revolutionary Guards Operations at “Thamin Alhijaj” post in Northern Iran
Fares Agency

♦ Explosion in a Turkish-Iranian Gas Pipeline

One of the gas pipelines between Turkey and Iran was exploded last night in the Turkish Dogo Bayazid city. The Turkish Milt newspaper said that the explosion could be provocative, and the Turkish authorities are investigating the incident to get to the cause of the bombing.
“Gas exportation to Turkey might stop for seven days to accomplish the reconstruction operations caused by the explosion,” a senior officer in the Iranian National Company for Gas said.
The Iranian gas exportation to Turkey has increased 8.8% since the beginning of the year amounting to 650 million cubic feet.
Bartarin Ha Website and Khabar Net

♦ Mogherini to Hold Talks with Zarif in Tehran

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini has arrived in Tehran this morning and will hold talks with the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif on the Syrian crisis. Later, Mogherini will be headed to the Saudi capital Riyadh, the other major player in the region. Earlier, Zarif held talks with his Syrian counterparts Walid Mu’alim and the Russian Sergey Lavrov in Moscow.
Shargh Newspaper

♦ Iran and Spain to Boost Banking Ties

The Iranian ambassador in Spain, Mohammed Hassan Fida’i Fard announced the resumption of banking relations between Iran and Spain after the nuclear deal. “There are about 50 Spanish companies willing to invest in Iran in many sectors such as Gas, Oil, and Petrochemicals,” Fard said.
Abrar Eghtisadi Newspaper

♦ Iran and the Czech Republic to Enhance Cooperation in Energy Sector

The Iranian Deputy-Energy Minister Hoshnij Falahtian and the Czech Deputy-Minister of Industry and Energy Kwachovsky held their first meeting to enhance Energy cooperation between the two countries and increase the Czech investment in the Energy sector in Iran.
Abrar Eghtisadi Newspaper

An MP: Some Officials Receive Inflated Salaries

The Iranian MP Abbas Ka’bi said that a lot of staff members use the term “Wilayah” but are opposing its values through the skyrocketing salaries they receive. “According to law, officials with Bachelor’s degrees take one million Tomans, but in fact, they receive 20 million Tomans,” he added. In conclusion, Ka’bi called for a solution to the problem of the skyrocketing salaries in the government to eliminate the gap in the public sector.
Watan Amroz Newspaper

♦ Minister of Interior: 250 Thousand People in Zahedan Live 100-Year Past Life

In his speech at the fourth Summit for Scientific Development of the Country last Monday, Iran’s Minister of Interior Abdul Reza Rahmani Fadli said “10 minutes from Zahedan, the center of the Sunni majority Sistan and Baluchistan province; there are about 250 thousand people live in severe conditions the 100-year past life.”
Sistan and Baluchistan city lacks basic needs and services and suffers a low rate of food security. It is located on the borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan and is considered a major passage for drugs.
Earlier, Assistant-president for Women and Family Affairs Shahindakht Mawlawardi announced that the Iranian government had executed all citizens of one of Sistan and Baluchistan villages.
Farda Radio Website

♦ Significant amounts of Drugs Seized in Southeast Iran

“1982 Kilogram of drugs seized on the Southeastern borders,” Borders Guards Commander in Sistan and Baluchistan Saied Kamili announced.
Arman Amroz Newspaper

♦ Vote of Confidence Session on the Three Nominated Ministers to be Held this Week
The voting of confidence session on the three nominated ministers, Minister of Education, Culture and Islamic Guidance, and Youth and Sports will be held this week. President Rouhani has introduced Fakhraldin Ahmedi Danish Ashtiani Minister of Education, Riza Salehi Amiri Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and Masoud Sultani Minister of Youth and Sports.
On the other hand, Qum MP Ahmed Amir Abadi Farahani’s question to Minister of Energy Hamid Chit Chian has been responded. In addition to that, MPs offered appreciation to the Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alawi for responding to the questions of MPs, wondering about rejecting Alawi’s demand of holding the session secretly.
Arman Amroz Newspaper

♦ Turkey: Trial of the Turkish-Iranian Zarrab is Political

In his meeting with His American counterpart Loretta Lynch, the Turkish Minister of Justice Bakir Bozdagh demanded the release of the Turkish-Iranian citizen Riza Zarrab and brought him to court in Ankara.
Zarrab was arrested in the US last March for charges of breaking the American sanctions on Tehran. The Turkish minister asserted that the trial of Zarrab is political and does not have any legal basis. “Zarrab is charged with things he did not do. The goal of trial is to put the Turkish president and his wife under pressure.” The Turkish minister said.
Arman Amroz Newspaper

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