Shamkhani: We will Respond Quickly, If JCPOA violated and ten manegers putting the country at stake



European commitment for nuclear deal implementation
The second round of talk between Iran and European Union was held in Brussels — headed by Majid Takht -Ravantchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister for European and American affairs, and Helga Schmidt, deputy to the EU foreign policy. Given Trump’s winning US presidential elections and his stance against the nuclear deal, EU Foreign Policy chief, Federica Mogherini met with Takht- Ravanchi and emphasized European Union’s commitment to the implementation of terms of the deal, asking other countries to follow suit. European countries are expected not to have a unified position on this issue– just as the United States might put pressure on European countries to stop cooperation with Iran.
An Editorial in Arman Newspaper, Nov. 12th, 2016

• Why Iranian conservatives oppose opening of European Union office in Tehran
Iranian conservatives [hardliners] believe that opening EU office in Tehran is a step towards foreign interference in Iran’s internal affairs. They see it as accepting the establishment of an autonomous land for EU in Iran. The other issue creating mistrust among Iranian conservatives is the fact that Europeans are the ones talking with Iran on human rights issues, not the Americans. On the other hand, they know that accelerating rapprochement between the European Union and Iran may provide a lifeline, in case the United States withdraws from the nuclear deal– especially after Trump’s winning of US presidential office. The nuclear agreement is not a bilateral agreement between Iran and the United States but includes other international powers as well.
An Editorial in Jahan Sanaat Newspaper Nov. 14th,2016

• Trump and the Middle East crisis
The Middle East crisis, expansion of terrorism, and increasing regional tensions caused by US President Barack Obama’s unclear policies will be the main challenges facing U.S. president-elect Trump. Trump believes that terrorism stems from the irrational policies of Obama and his determination to overthrow Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and this will, in turn, threaten the future of US national security. Trump’s focus on the issue of terrorism and the need to defeat terrorist groups was one of his popular slogans during the election campaign, which attracted a large number of American elites –both democrats and republicans– around him. Even though Trump is politically immature, his co-workers will be able to give him the necessary advice, especially Mike Pence. Nevertheless, the question is how Trump will deal with Middle East crisis. There is no doubt that Trump would not have any compromises with Takfirists. His priority will not be overthrowing Bashar al-Assad’s regime. He is expected to follow the so-called strategy of ” lion in the cage,” which will keep al-Assad in power. But Syrian President will be fully weakened and scaled, with Trump trying to get more concessions to his advantage and for Israel. In this scenario, Assad will be asked to move far from Iran alliance, which is very unlikely, because he very well knows that his survival in the last six years was due to his cooperation with Iran.
An Editorial in Arman Newspaper Nov. 15th, 2016

• Unemployment and redefinition of female employment
Many young men and women who have graduated from universities are unemployed. “Unemployment” of this group could be attributed to their academic degrees not being pertinent to jobs on the market. As a result, some people remained in universities just to collect academic degrees– still without getting a job. Plenty of women and girls are working in agencies, manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies, organizations and shops, etc. with very low wages. Moreover, Iranian female workers are under a lot of pressure for accepting low jobs and receive low wages. As a result, they are depressed and exhausted and are unconsciously attracted to unhealthy foods, entertainments, and relationships. Today only women accept the terrible working conditions that exist in Iran because it helps them to be seen and noticed. They are consequently paying high prices for having a presence in Iranian society.
An Editorial in Afarinsh Newspaper Nov. 16th, 2016

• Efforts of Republicans to take out the foreign policy out of Trump’s grip
There are differences between Republicans and new U.S President Donald Trump who represents the views of American society, rather than being those of the Republican Party. In his speeches during the election campaign, Trump expressed views that were against conservativism at politics– which is an essential principle for the Republicans. He announced that he wants to reduce military expenditures by solving foreign crises through peaceful negotiations. He has also promised to focus on the domestic economy. Trump’s campaign slogans of anti-globalization, militarization, and anti-migration were closer to ideas of far right, rather than those of Republicans. Members of the Republican party did not entirely agree with Trump, and Bush family’s voting for Hillary is an obvious example of this. Through their control of the House and Senate, Republicans will try to share the power with Trump. The crucial point is how they will be able to take some of Trump’s powers. The choices for Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense are key factors. There is a trend in Republican Party to control the State Department and Department of Defense to have the upper hand, even in the case of US military presence abroad. If Trump does not approve of this, they will block his decisions in US Congress. Moreover, if necessary, they will stand against Trump, and might even vote for Democrats in the Congress.
An Editorial in Khorasan Newspaper Nov. 17th, 2016


• Mohsen Rezaei: Iran will Take Retaliatory Actions, in case of Trump halt the U.S. commitments

According to Hoshdar News, Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei wrote on his Instagram page, “If Mr. Trump tries to rewrite BARJAM (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), America will suffer significant losses. And that is because Iran will fix errors in BARJAM, and it is America that will have to face challenges of other countries.”
Rezaei continues, “During rewriting and negotiating the new BARJAM, which might take years, we will complete the cycle of uranium enrichment. We will also benefit from our current agreements with other countries. Of course, if Trump tries to stop implementation of U.S. and world commitments, Islamic Republic will certainly take retaliatory actions.”

• Kissinger: Disrupting Nuclear Deal is to the Benefit of Iran

Former U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger urged that electing Donald Trump as U.S. president was in actuality a revolution against common sense, and disrupting the nuclear deal is going to be more to the benefit of Iran than U.S.
According to Jam-e-Jam Online, Henry Kissinger former U.S. Secretary of State who was talking about the election of Trump at a gathering in New York City said that biggest challenge in the Middle East is “Iran’s possible dominance over the region.”
As for BAJAM’s destiny in Trump’s administration, he said that discarding Iran’s nuclear agreement with 5+1 (America, England, France, Russia, China, and Germany) would be more to the benefit of Iran, than America.
Kissinger further added, “I did not sign this agreement with Iran, but by terminating it now, we are not going to achieve anything significant.”

• Singing Military-Defense Cooperation Agreement between Iran and China

Military-defense co-operation agreement between Iran and China was signed by the Iranian Defense Minister and China’s Defense Minister.
According to ISCA news, at the end of negotiations between Iran’s and China’s defense ministers, a military defense cooperation agreement was signed by Islamic Republic Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan and China’s Defense Minister General Chang Wanquan. Expansion of military-defense co-operations, exchanging experience in different military fields.

• Iranian Hard-line Daily to Trump: get us rid of the Nuclear Deal!

Managing editor of Kayhan Daily has harshly and numerously criticized the nuclear deal (JCPOA) in his editorial today, calling it “useless” and “containing mere damages,” while supporting Trump’s words in his campaign about tearing up the deal.
According to ISNA, Hossein Shariatmadari has also blasted reformists in his editorial today, calling Hilary Clinton as their favorite candidate: “Those claiming to be reformists have expressed concerns, or rather horror, about Trump’s election to the presidency. If this is not an outcome of a political misunderstanding, which seems unlikely, it can only be called an “artificial horror”! But why?! And what is adding fuel to this artificial horror? What is the motivation behind it? A lot can be said about this.”
Shariatmadari attacks the JCPOA, saying: “They claim that Donald Trump is after ignoring JCPOA! First of all, haven’t you claimed that JCPOA has turned to an international document through Resolution 2231 and that it is not a bilateral agreement that can be broken by the next U.S. President? That is an acceptable statement to which Mr. Rohani and Mr. Zarif have recently referred as well. Although lifting some of the sanctions can still be decided by the U.S. President.”

• Iran Deal is Irreversible

Iran’s Vice President for Legal Affairs, Majid Ansari, referred to the words recently uttered in the U.S. as mostly campaign rhetoric and said: “Iran deal (JCPOA) is a legal, international and irreversible document.” Ansari added we do not pay much attention to the issues concerning U.S. presidential election and the words which were said during the candidates’ campaigns. “The Islamic Republic of Iran is an independent, powerful country, and JCPOA is a legal document approved by the Security Council, Board of Governors and P5+1,” said Ansari. He also mentioned there is global will to implement JCPOA, stating, “I do not think the U.S. has a plan for returning to pre-JCPOA time.” Ansari also indicated that Iran has powerfully endorsed peoples’ rights in the process of negotiations for JCPOA and that its hands are not tied in future: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to the international treaties it has signed, and if any side or country decides to adopt a different approach with the Islamic Republic of Iran, our hands won’t be tied.”

• Iran is now Biggest Oil Exporter to France

Since September when Iran started exporting oil to France for the first time after the lifting of Western sanctions, Iran has become the biggest crude oil exporter to this European country.
According to ISNA, Iran oil export to France reached 200 thousand barrels per day in September, which was more than its rivals such as Nigeria (with 185 thousand barrels per day), Russia and Kazakhstan.

• Iran and Russia to Negotiate a 10 Billion Dollar Arms Contract

RIA Novosti news agency reported that Russia and Iran are negotiating to sign a 10 billion-dollar arms contract, quoting a senior Russian official.
According to ISNA, this informed source has said that, based on this contract, Moscow will deliver T-90 tanks, artillery systems, and combat helicopters to Tehran.
Victor Ozerov, head of Russian Federation Council’s defense committee, told reporters that negotiations regarding this possible contract will start during a parliamentarian visit to Iran.

• Tehran MP Demands Publication of Report of Head of Judiciary’s Personal Accounts

On Monday, November 14, Tehran MP, Mahmoud Sadeghi demanded that head of judiciary Sadegh Larijani should present a report of these accounts for the sake of transparency– in response to reports regarding his personal bank accounts.
According to Tasnim news agency, Mahmoud Sadeghi in a parliament open session gave a verbal warning to Economy and Finance Minister, pointing out to recent rumors on the internet as to the head of judiciary opening numerous personal bank accounts. He added, “This news has given an excuse to foreign media for making mischief.”
Mahmoud Sadeghi is referring to recent reports on internet as to existence of “63 personal accounts in the name of Sadegh Larijani”. In these reports, it is said that managers of Bank Melli Iran have sent a report of these accounts to Economy and Finance Minister Ali Taybenia.
According to these reports, proceedings of these accounts reach “250 billion Tomans per year, and almost 20 billion Tomans is paid to him [Larijani] per month.”

• U.S. House of Representatives Passed Iran Sanctions Act

According to Javanonline, U.S. House of Representatives passed an extension of Iran Sanction Act (ISA) on Tuesday. ISA whose objective is preserving the infrastructure of U.S. unilateral sanctions against Iran will be used in case nuclear deal is nullified, providing the U.S. the opportunity to immediately re-impose the sanctions. ISA must be passed by the U.S. senate and be signed by the U.S. president. Even though White House has announced that there is no need to extend this Act because U.S. president can restore sanctions on Iran in case of violation of nuclear deal, U.S. representatives insist on extending the Act, calling it “a message to Iran”. If eventually signed by the U.S. president, ISA will be extended to the end of 2026.

• Rahim Safavi is not Optimistic about Trump

According to Jam-e-Jam, Yahya Rahim Safavi, senior advisor to Supreme Leader and head of Institute of Islamic World Futures Studies, told reporters, on the sideline of Conference of Geo-Political Crisis in Islamic World, that he is not optimistic about Trump’s election. He said, “It is too soon to judge Trump’s policies because he has brought up issues during his campaign, and now it is probable he might change his views.” But he further added, “In general, Trump pays attention to geo-economy and economic issues, instead of geostrategy and American dominance and expansion. He is, after all, a businessman.”

• Russia’s Efforts to Export Helicopters to Iran

According to ISNA, Russian Helicopters Company has expressed hope to increase exporting Russian helicopters to Iran. Alexander Sherbinin, deputy general manager of Russian Helicopter Company said: “Our company aims at increasing the number of Russian helicopters that are in use in Iran.” He also added that Russian Helicopters Company is going present a number of its medium and light helicopters in Iran’s 8th International Air Show.

• Shamkhani: If JCPOA is Violated by the U.S., We will Respond Quickly

According to BBC Persian, Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, criticized efforts in the U.S. to extend sanctions against Iran, and warned: “In case JCPOA is violated by the other side, package of technical measures that has been already predicted will be implemented immediately in response.” Shamkhani is referring to Iran Sanctions Act (ISA), which was passed in 1996 during Bill Clinton presidency, and according to Congress ratification, must be extended every 10 years. ISA will expire on December 2016. Shamkhani also said: “Americans cannot say that they are going to scrap JCPOA or renegotiate it.” U.S. president-elect Trump has said in his campaign that he is against JCPOA, and is going to re-negotiate it.

• Iran’s Secretary of Expediency Council Lambasts Government

Mohsen Rezaei, Secretary of Expediency Council, has written a commentary on his Instagram page entitled “Where is the money?” in which he questions the government.
According to Bamdad quoting Khabar online, Rezaei says: “The bank and economy officials do not have a clear answer when asked why there is no money in the market. Given that the liquidity of Mr. Rohani’s government has multiplied in the past four years, why do people still have no money and their purchasing power has decreased?”
Rezaei adds, “Shoppers have turned to window-shoppers. Most of the customers in shopping centers are women and youth, yet they have no money in their pockets.” He continues, “Liquidity has surpassed one million billion Toman; these funds must be active somewhere. Where is it? It would be nice if statesmen make some explanations in this regard to people.”
Rezaei concludes: “I ask you readers: In which markets is this money active that it hasn’t been able to solve economy problems and employment issues? Unemployment rate has even mounted during the past six months.”

• Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Next year’s election will not have good turnout

According to Alef news website, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his analysis of 2017 elections said that next year’s presidential election would be one of the coldest elections in Iran. In a recent session with his advisors, Ahmadinejad warned that Iran’s establishment would suffer as a result of low turnout. He rejected accepting any possible role in motivating people to participate in next year’s election. He said, “I will not play the role of an incentive in the next election to increase people’s turnout.” Iran’s leader Khamenei had previously prohibited Ahmadinejad from running in the upcoming presidential election in 2017.

• Rahim Safavi: Trump has to reach a deal with Iran

According to Tabnak, Rahim Safavi, head of Institute of Islamic World Future Studies and former commander of IRGC, said that because JCPOA is supported by Russia, China, other European countries, and even UN, it will be a strategic mistake for Trump to disrupt it. He continued that currently “U.S. Senate, House of Representative, and head of administration all belong to Republicans, which have a long tradition of being against Iran and close to Zionist regime and some of our neighboring countries.” He concluded that as a result, “enmities’ against Iran might continue.” He further added, “Trump will take the reality of Iran into consideration. And as Iran is influential in all equations, the U.S. has to reach a deal with us.”

• Details of 4-month imprisonment for a journalist

According to Shargh Daily news, Hamed Attaee– the journalist sentenced to 4 months of imprisonment after Nader Ghazipour’s complaint– made some explanations in this regard. He explained, “It goes back to a message on Telegram, which was published during election and included some speculations on disqualifying or approving candidates.” He said that he is accused of “dissemination false news and rumors”, for publishing the names of some of those who were disqualified on a Telegram channel. He added, “As my lawyers and I have repeatedly announced, such speculations are common among the journalists, and there were no criminal intentions involved.” Attaee, however, holds that the true reason for complaint is that Gazipour thinks he is behind the release of a controversial film –in which Ghazipour repeatedly uses offensive words about women, other ethnic groups and other members of parliament. This journalist denies having anything to do with release of this film.

• More than ten managers with dual nationality putting the country’s interests at stake

According to Watan Emrouz, a member of Iranian Parliament Plan and Budget Commission, Hossein Ali Deligani said that in the past two years, more than ten managers with dual nationality had put Iran’s national interests in danger. Mentioning the parliament agreement to investigate senior executives and officials with dual nationality, he said, “These people who are at managerial level and are our country’s decision makers have already brought about dangers and irreparable losses and damages to our country.”

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