Tehran Arms the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces and Iran Failed to Use the Golden Reign of Obama



– Arman Amroz Analyzes the Consequences of Opening the Representation of the European Union Bureau in Iran.
– Donyai Eghtisad Discusses the Impact of the American Presidential Elections on the International Markets.

Iranian News Roundup
– Iran Sells Half of its Oil Production to China and India.
– New Omani Facilities for the Iranian Businessmen.
– Armenia Transfers four Iranian Prisoners.
– Deputy-Speaker: Iran does not Care who the next American President is.
– Deputy-Commander of the Popular Mobilization Forces: Iran Supplies all our Weapons.
– University Professor, Ziba Kalam: Iran did not Use the Golden reign of Obama.


Arman Newspaper: EU Bureau in Tehran, Golden Opportunity

An editorial in Arman Newspaper today analyzes the consequences of opening the EU office in Tehran. The editorial says the opening of the European Union new office is an opportunity for both European Union and Iran. Now, at least, there is a relative sense of confidence between Iran and the European Union. This office will not only be political representative of EU but will extend its work to include the activities of economic relations with 27 European Union member states. The European Union had a representative office in Iran before the 1979 revolution. The editorial links European Union measure to open its Bureau after such a long time to the nuclear deal and the ensuing atmosphere of cooperation between Iran and the EU countries. With the increase of trade and investment agreements signed between Iran and the European Union during last year, opening such an office would be a very reasonable step. The editorial says that the European Union new office will fulfill some of European embassies’ tasks. And the another positive action by the European Union towards Iran is the removal of the ban that was imposed on Mellat Bank, as well as the prohibition on shipping and maritime transportation companies in Iran. Nevertheless, it must be mentioned that even though European countries were quick to sign economic agreements with Iran, they are still not in effect—probably they are waiting for the results of the US elections, which will determine the US deal with Iran, and will affect their mutual relations.

Donyai Eghtisad Newspaper: Hillary and Trump with the Global Markets

Donyai Eghtisad Newspaper discusses in an editorial today the impact of the US election on global markets. The editorial says even though there are many indicators that the next president of the United States is Hillary, they should not be relied on conclusively. All indicators were showing that Britain would remain in the European Union, but British voters had a different opinion. All economic analysts were confident that the decision to exit EU would cause severe damages to the British economy, and now the US faces the same test. The editorial says that, from an economical point of view, Trump has a greater chance than Hillary to take over the US presidential office. And that is because the American voters’ disapprove of the traditional economic policies that support the economic globalization and free trade agreements, which Trump has criticized openly. Besides, the effects of a financial crisis that hit the United States in 2008 are still felt in the American society, where the middle and lower class incomes dropped sharply. Despite the US administration’s success in getting out of recession, there are certain parts of American society that suffered and are still suffering. And it is because the social dimensions of economic revitalization policies were not taken into account at the time– such as currency printing and injecting liquidity into the market, which led to widening the gap within the US society. Both Hillary and Trump have their views as to how to improve the economic policies. But Trump has more radical and different opinions from Republicans on US economic relations with some countries including Mexico, Europe, and China. Therefore, his victory will have considerable implications for both the US and global economy, whose impacts cannot be predicted entirely. Trump’s lack of experience and over-confidence, which was quite apparent in presidential debates, shows that he will possibly make the worst decisions and will implement them– without taking their consequences into account. Such decisions can harm the world’s largest economy, therefore global markets. It is expected that if Trump wins, the US stock market will collapse, and its negative impact will extend to countries that Trump keeps attacking, such as Mexico, whose currency has already fallen in the past two weeks. In conclusion, Trump’s winning will have a big shock for the global markets.

Kayhan Newspaper: Wrong Address, Mosul or Seoul

Today’s editorial in Kayhan Newspaper criticizes the performance of Rouhani’s government based on his speech at the opening of Media Fair in Tehran about causes of Mosul fall. The editorial also refers to corruption allegations against Rouhani’s brother, mentioning the suicide of South Korean president after some his relatives were accused of corruption and bribery. The editorial says that Rouhani attributed the cause of Mosul fall to the ISIL — despite the Iraqi government forces’ numerical and armaments superiority– to lack of a political and emotional link between Baghdad and Mosul, due to wrong policies adopted by Baghdad. [Conservatives, including Kayhan editorialist, refuse to admit that what made people of those cities not defend vigorously against ISIL was the sectarian policies of Baghdad toward the Sunni Iraqi cities. For those people, the persecutions of Baghdad were the same as the violence and extremism of ISIL.] The editorial adds that the reason behind the fall of Mosul was the betrayal of 37 Iraqi officials and soldiers led by the governor of Nineveh Atheel Najafi, who then fled with his relatives to Arbil once the elements of ISIL attacked Mosul and did not defend the city. The editorial continued its criticism of Rouhani’s speech when he said that the participation of the people in the political process guarantees the perpetuation of citizen’s sense of belonging, and makes him defend his land. The editorial also attacks Rouhani for not fulfilling his campaign promises, which has led to people’s unwillingness for political participation. Moreover, people still remember Rouhani’s promises for economic improvements when he said that wheels of centrifuges in the nuclear plants as well as in the Iranian economy must both turn. Now wheels of centrifuges, as well as the wheels of the Iranian economy, have both stopped working altogether. The editorial also says that Rouhani’s government deals with certain issues such as financial corruption—particularly, astronomically salaries of officials, about which no deterrent decision or action has been taken. When relatives of the former South Korea President were accused of financial corruption, he committed suicide; Rouhani still desperately defends his brother who is accused in several corruption cases.

Half of Iran’s Oil Production Sold to India and China

Iran’s Oil Minister, Began Zanganah released a report about the new Iranian record in crude oil exportation that registered two million and 440 thousand barrels per day. Days after, OPEC administration in the Iranian oil ministry announced another record in oil exportation for the month of August that registered 608 thousand barrels per day, which was considered an unprecedented record since the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
China is considered the biggest importer of the Iranian oil until the month of August that totaled 744 thousand barrels followed by India that amounted to 610 thousand barrels per day.
Abrar Eghtisadi Newspaper

♦ New Omani Facilities for the Iranian Businessmen

Member of the Omani-Iranian joint chamber of trade, Ahmed Shirzadian said that trade exchange between Oman and Iran amount to $1 billion according to the Omani side, while the Iranian Customs Department announced that the number is less than that. Shirzadian added that both sides are targeting $5 billion trade exchange per year between the two countries.
Shirzadian continued, “The Omanis have offered visa facilities for the Iranian businessmen, and registration of Iranian companies in Oman is going easily.”
Abrar Eghtisadi Newspaper

♦ 100 Thousand Tomans Daily Average of Child Labor

Assistant head of Social Affairs in the Iranian Social Security Organization, Habibullah Masoudi said that child labor achieves 20 to 100 thousand Tomans every day. He added that 90% of these children have families while the other 10% are homeless and come from low-income families, especially in Sistan and Baluchistan province.
ISNA News Agency

♦ Armenia Transfers four Iranian Prisoners

The Iranian ambassador in Armenia, Kazim Sajjadi announced that four Iranian prisoners would be transferred from Armenia to Iran in coordination with the Armenian authorities on November 19th through Nourdoz borders.
Shargh Newspaper

♦ Deputy-Commander of the Public Mobilization Forces: Iran Supplies all our Weapons

Commander in Chief of the Public Mobilization Forces in Iraq, Abo Mahdi Almohandis said that they receive direct support and supplies from Iran in addition to the advisors of Hezbollah that work with the Public Mobilization Forces.
President of Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani also sent his appreciation to Iran because of its role in preventing the threat of the ISIS and its support to the Iraqi forces.
Shargh Newspaper

♦ Ziba Kalam: Iran Failed to Use the Golden Reign of Obama

Professor of political science at Tehran University, Sadiq Ziba Kalam regretted the position of chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council, Hashemi Rafsanjani toward the approach of the American presidential elections saying, “on the contrary of Rouhani and Zarif, the Iranian officials failed to benefit from Obama and Kerry’s golden era.”
In his speech to Doich Fileh news site, Kalam hailed the American president saying, “Although the next American president will adopt a more hostile policy toward Iran, the Iranian hardliner currents shall use this point saying that they have always stated that America is untrustworthy.”
Mujahideen Khlq Organization

♦ Malakshahi: Death Penalty should be limited

Head of the Legal and Judicial Commission of the Iranian Shura Council, Allihiar Malakshahi said that death penalty should not widely spread; asserting that the commission members are discussing a draft law to commute the hangings related to drugs charges.
24h News Website

♦ 17 MPs Ask for Clarification about Narjes Mohammadi’s Case File

In a letter from 17 MPs in the Shura Council to the Iranian Attorney General, Mohammad Jaafar Muntazar, MPs asked for clarification about the case file of Narjis Mohammadi but stressed on the independence of the judicial authority and acceptance of its final sentence.
In their letter, MPs stated, “The respectful MPs that asked for reinvestigating the case file of Narjes Mohammadi that was convicted 16-year imprisonment were informed that they should study the records of all individuals before they support them. Whenever judiciary ignores these people, it does not mean they are good people.” MPs continued, “The problem is that any criticism is sometimes considered propaganda against the regime, and any reformist movement is categorized as gathering and conspiring against the national security and might lead to the imprisonment of respectful people for years without taking into consideration their positions and influence on the society, which will have an adverse impact on the country.”
Some of the MPs who signed the letter were Ali Mutahhari, Mahmoud Sadiqi, Abdulkareem Hussein-Zadeh, Bahram Barzani, and Mohammad Riza Tabish.
Shargh Newspaper

♦ Bazshikian: To Iran, Clinton and Trump are the Same

Deputy-Speaker of the Iranian parliament, Masoud Bazshakian pointed out to the presidential elections of the United States saying, “Iran does not care who the next American president is; Clinton or Trump. They all have problems with Iran as soon as they assume responsibility.”
Etimad Newspaper

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