Iranian press (July 19) Rouhani’s Government hardships and the nonexistence of the nuclear deal


The Iranian press editorials this morning, Tuesday, July 19th, 2016, handled Theresa May and the unbalanced outlook for Iran, as well as Rouhani, the man of eleven months of all ages.

As for news, increased demand for alcoholics as well as the abolition of visas between Iran and Azerbaijan. Politically, newspapers focused on the statement of Larijani concerning the repeal of the nuclear deal.

Prominent Editorials

“Hardships of Rouhani’s government” in its editorial, Resalat Newspaper criticized Rouhani in light of the crowd protests during his visit to Kermanshah. The editorial says that it is only less than a year until the end of his presidency. The other day, citizens of Kermanshah gathered and said to Rouhani, “we suffer from unemployment and recession, while two years ago, you said in Mashhad that we have passed economic recession” .The editorial says that when Rouhani assumed the presidency, he promised that he would solve Iran’s economic problems in 100 days. Now, we have to ask about what Rouhani did over three years to solve these problems. All that Rouhani is proud of is the signing of the nuclear deal. Abbas Iraqchi, chairman of supervision commission of the implementation of the nuclear deal said that after a year of signing the deal, repealing sanctions hasn’t been implemented in reality, it is only on papers. Moreover, director of Iran’s central bank stated, after his visit to the United States that the results of the nuclear deal are almost nothing. So, the protests of citizens of Kermanshah were based on facts. They held banners saying “Eliminate corruption inside the government”. The editorial added that Rouhani’s claim that censorship agencies are delinquent in fighting corruption is unacceptable since the first censorship agency, which is the Central Agency for Audit is under his direct presidency. It also asks about the reasons why after two months of the reveal of the astronomical salaries and bonuses of government officials, no action has been taken, neither trial nor expulsion of any of those corrupt managers. What happened in Kermanshah might happen again in other Iranian cities, which will make Rouhani reconsiders his positions before making any internal tours concerning his campaign for the next presidential elections. All of this coincides with Ahmadinejad’s appearance on the scene and the warm welcome he received in the city of Malard, which shocked reformists and moderates after the increase of the likelihood of his winning the presidency in the next elections.

“Theresa May and the unbalanced Iranian outlook” Arman Newspaper discusses the trends of the new British Prime Minister toward Iran. The editorial says that Theresa has always opposed opening a British Embassy in Tehran or even an office to issue visas to enter Britain. This position has turned into a private vision of her about the British-Iranian relations, which will finally make all members of the British government share this vision. Theresa is an extremist conservative. Her relations with Iran will not go normal because her outlook toward Iran is tinged with anger. She believes that Britain has regained its status and prominence after the withdrawal from the European Union. The editorial also says that the new prime minister belongs to the extremist conservatives of Britain who antagonize and look down on the third world countries; consequently, Tehran should not expect rapid improvement of relations with Britain. Although the belonging of David Cameron to the same party, his foreign minister Philip Hammond always wanted to proceed on in competing Europe to take advantage of trade relations with Iran. Philip Hammond was also seen raising the British flag on their embassy in Tehran. However, it is difficult for Theresa to change her attitude toward Iran immediately, either because of the Iranian support to the Lebanese Hizbullah or Theresa’s affinity for Israel. The editorial reflects the change of the Iranian view of the British withdrawal from the European Union. After welcoming this withdrawal and the expectation of the British rapprochement with Iran after leaving the European Union and the fall of this organization, who bear unanimous attitudes against Iran, this position has changed after inauguration of Theresa, which raised fears of Britain’s adoption of more aggressive stands toward Iran than those of the European Union.

“Rouhani, the man of eleven months of all ages,” Merdamsalari Newspaper criticizes Rouhani and assesses his economic performance. The editorial says that it is hard to consider Rouhani a man of all ages because of some shortcomings in his government, the high expectations at the beginning of negotiations of the Iranian nuclear file, or because of some partial economic abuses. Nevertheless, the editorial added, Rouhani can’t hold absolute authority on all levels. This is a reformist newspaper that is supposed to support Rouhani, which is a sign of reformists denouncing him. After the protest in Kermanshah, if the views of this editorial are adopted by reformists, it would be the beginning of the pro-Rouhani trend division and a sign for the moderate stream failure in the next presidential elections.

Prominent News

♦ The abolition of visas between Iran and Azerbaijan during the next two months

Iranian Ambassador to Baku, Mohsen Pak Aien, stated that it is scheduled to abolish visas on borders and in airports between Iran and Azerbaijan during the next two months. He added in an interview with Fares news agency that drugs factory would be established in Azerbaijan in the near future. This results from the good economic relations between the two countries after the nuclear deal.
Source: Fares News Agency.

♦ The gas exportation project to Georgia will complete in the mid of this year

Executive Director of the Iranian National Gas Company declared that the project of gas exportation to the Republic of Georgia completes in September of this year. Ali Reza Kameli added that the project is seriously pursued and they are waiting to obtain necessary approvals. He added that positive news concerning this issue will be announced soon.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ 42% Trade growth between Iran and Europe

Trade exchange between Iran and the European Union in the first five months of the current year has made42% growth rate and amounted to 929 million Euros. The news website of the European Commission said that the European imports from Iran tripled in May and achieved 303 million Euros.
Source: Tejarat Newspaper.

♦ Iranian efforts to attract foreign investors in the field of energy

The Financial Times reported that after lifting the economic sanctions and the gradual economic openness, Iran is trying hard to attract foreign investors in the field of energy. The newspaper also pointed out to the meeting of the Iranian Minister of Energy, Hamid Jetjian last week with representatives from Siemens and Rolls Royce in London, and discussed cooperation in the field of energy production technology.
Source: Abrar Eghtesadi Newspaper.

♦ Increased demand for alcoholic drinks

President of the Social Affairs Forum, Hossein Mousavi Gelk said that there is significant demand for alcoholic consumption in Iran, especially among young people in light of shortening of centers that deal with alcoholism. He added that statistics of the Ministry of Health stated that the psychologically disturbed ratio in Iran has reached 23%, which means a big demand on alcoholics although the accuracy of this reason.
Source: Arman Newspaper.

♦ If sanctions are not repealed, the nuclear deal doesn’t exist

Head of the Iranian Shura Council said that if the sanctions are not repealed and bank transactions are still denied, then the nuclear deal is out of order, and the Shura Council will follow up with this matter. He said during his meeting with Chairman of the Committee of Defense and National Security Council in the Japanese Senate, Masahisa Sato, that according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry report, Tehran has fulfilled all its obligations in the nuclear deal. Iran had decreased centrifuge number, heavy water amounts, and enrichment materials quantity, but the other parties don’t abide by their commitments, including the United States.
Larijani also stressed that Tehran and Tokyo can both have serious consultations in the field of trade relations, especially in the automotive industry, where Japan could invest in Iran, and even build a plant, as the situation is suitable for that.
On the spreading out of terrorist attacks in the region and in the European countries, Head of the Iranian Shura Council pointed that the world has reached a stage where countries of the region are not the only ones exposed to the danger of extending terrorism. The whole world can be affected. He added that eliminating terrorism should be tackled more seriously, pointing out that his country’s borders extend at the Arab Gulf and Sea of Oman, but they face no problem due to the attentive and strong presence of the Iranian naval forces in these areas.
Larijani also stressed that his country considers that military intervention in the internal affairs of other countries is a key factor in the emergence of terrorism, stressing that keeping the security of seas must be undertaken by those countries that have borders on those coasts, and the intervention of foreigners causes instability in the region.
Chairperson of the Committee of Defense and National Security in Japanese Senate, Masahisa Sato, invited Larijani to visit Japan. He stated that the Arab Gulf is a strategic region that should enjoy stability and security, expressing his hope that Tehran with the help of neighboring countries would maintain security and stability in this area of the world.
Source: Tasnim Agency.

♦ Allegations of the Secretary-General of the Arab League against Iran

Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit said that Iran’s policies have targeted the Islamic unity, and prepared fertile soil for Sunni-Shiite conflicts. He added that he wants Iran to end up its policies against the Islamic unity. Aboul Gheit, the last Foreign Minister of Hosni Mubarak’s reign, added in a television interview with CBC channel that the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is sitting home laughing at the present situation and conflicts in the Arab and Muslim world, directing his speech toward Tehran and stating that the Arabs do not seek confrontation. He explained that Iran’s positions will lead to a face to face Sunni-Shiite confrontation that external parties such as Israel are looking for. This confrontation will not be in favor of Iran who should be aware of that.
Source: Iran Newspaper.

♦ Persistence of protests organized by a number of collaborator teachers and literacy teachers in front of the Iranian parliament

A number of contracted teachers with the Iranian schools and literacy teachers continued to protest for the third day in a row in front of the Iranian parliament demanding employment officially by the Ministry of Education. One of the protesters stressed that some teachers have more than ten years experience in teaching. Protesters came to Tehran from different Iranian provinces of Mazandaran, Kardabel, and Khorasan north and south Razavi, as well as the provinces of East and West Azerbaijan to express their demands for the right of employment before the Shura Council.
Source: Khabar Farsi.

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