British-Iranian Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe detained at Tehran Airport


Nazanin Zaghari  an Iranian citizen with a British nationality was arrested at Iran airport, while she was travelling abroad.   Nazanin was held in a solitary confinement for more than a month.

In Britain, a group of people requested  David Cameron, the British prime minister in ””   do something for the release of Ms. Zaghari. The group supported its request by posting the events of what happened to Ms. Nazanian, under their signatures.

Zaghari traveled to Iran accompanied by her 22- month- old daughter.. The British passport of her daughter has been registered at the airport, however,  they were not allowed to the country.

It is said that the Revolutionary Guards arrested Ms. Zaghari on the third of  April 2016 and  took her to an unknown location in Kerman province.

Nazanin Zaghari-Racliffe who reached the  age of 37, had been cooperating with “Reuters” Foundation, and her main job was to work in the field of charitable institutions. Since her arrest Ms. Zaghari  was not allowed to communicate her lawyer, or contact her husband abroad, also she was not even allowed to meet her almost 2-year-old daughter.

According to her family’s statements, Zaghari received through   a phone  call that she had been forced confession under pressure. She,  explained  that according to security officials, focus of security  investigation was very much concerned with the national security  issues. .

According to Iranian law, an Iranian woman who marries non-compatriots cannot extract a passport and Iranian nationality for her children.

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