Iranian press under attack


Lawyer of reformist MP Fatemeh Rakeei explained about his client’s complaint against Hossein Shariatmadari, managing editor of Kayhan, saying that for a part of the complaint, a ruling has been issued dismissing the charges against the accused. Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabai added that as for the charge of spreading lies and falsehoods, a ruling has been issued that confirms the charges against the accused, and the indictment has been sent to court.
Zeinab Karimian, former IRNA and Mehr news agency journalist, and Saleh Deldam, producer and director, were arrested. Recently Tahereh Riahi, a journalist in Borna news agency, was also arrested at her house.
MP Muhammad Ali Pourmokhtar called some domestic media and journalists as “infiltrators” and “enemy’s agents.” He said, “when we see conformity of certain individuals and domestic media with counter-revolutionary and hostile media, we must become suspicious that these positions are in coordination with each other.”
The ban on hardline Jahan News website was lifted by the order of the court. After government’s complaint, Jahan News website was banned on a charge of spreading rumors and distorting materials from others. This website has an anti-corruption approach and has so far disclosed many cases, such as managerial corruption in Azad university.

Watan Emrouz, Radio Farda, and Iran News

Editorial Team