Rasanah Issues Iran Case File for October



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) issued its monthly Iran Case File (ICF) for October 2021. The file provides readers in general and researchers in particular with an in-depth overview and analysis of Iran’s affairs during this month. It also provides multifaceted analysis and assessments of Iranian interactions at the internal, regional and international levels. The file is divided into three main parts: Internal Affairs, Arab Affairs and International Affairs.

The Internal Affairs section of the Iran Case File (ICF) is divided into four files. The Ideological File discusses the position the Najaf  and Qom marjayas on the Iraqi parliamentary elections. The Political File  reviews how members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard have assumed significant posts in the Raisi government, explaining the importance of  appointing Mamousta Abdul Salam Karimi as Raisi’s advisor for ethnic and religious minorities affairs.  The Economic File  discusses three topics: the current inflation rate and examples of soaring food prices; the reasons behind the inflation crisis and the extent of the government’s competency in addressing it; and the consequences of rising inflation on the average Iranian, society and the political system. The Military File examines  three topics: the objectives of Iran’s military exercises, the developments regarding Tehran’s military relations with Russia and the nuclear file.

Arab Affairs is divided into  four parts. The first part, Iran’s interactions with the Gulf states, reviews two topics in respect of  Iran’s influence on the Gulf ally, Pakistan and the ongoing talks to deescalate tensions between Riyadh and Tehran in light of various benefits and thorny regional issues. The second part discusses the Houthi military escalation and its continuous strategy to entrench sectarianism in Yemen. The third part reviews the results of Iraq’s parliamentary elections and the final vote shares of alliances. The fourth part explains the motives and indications of the  targeting of the Syrian al-Tanf military base, and the Russian role in balancing the escalation of tensions between Iran and Israel in Syria.    

International Affairs discusses Iran’s relations with the United States and Europe. As for the Iran and United States part, the file discusses five topics: the US and Iran positions on the nuclear talks in Vienna, sanctions and pressure points between the two countries, confrontation at the regional and international levels, and the future of their relations. As for Iran’s relations with the Europeans, the file reviews the most significant interactions in October: signals to return to the nuclear talks in Vienna, and their disagreements and conflicts regarding human rights issues.

Editorial Team