Rasanah Issues Iran Case File for September



The International Institute for Iranian Studies (Rasanah) has issued the Iran Case File (ICF) for September 2022. The file provides readers in general and researchers in particular with an in-depth analysis and overview of Iran’s variant interactions and affairs. The file is divided into three main parts: Internal Affairs, Arab Affairs, and International Affairs.

In the Internal Affairs section, the Ideological File discusses the insults hurled by eulogy reciter Bassem al-Karbalaei against the companions of Prophet Mohammad, highlighting the political dimensions of such an act. The file also touches upon the erosion of human rights, particularly the injustices suffered by women in Iran.

The Political File discusses the killing of Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini by the morality police in Tehran, which led to the outbreak of nationwide protests. It also analyzes the furious crackdown by the IRGC and security forces against the country’s oppressed Balochi community.

The Economic File reviews Iran’s membership in the SCO, highlighting Iran’s goals and priorities for joining this organization and the potential challenges and opportunities it may face.

The Military File focuses on two main topics: Iran’s attacks on Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, and Iran-made drones facing Ukraine air defenses.

In the Arab Affairs section, the Iran-Gulf file reviews the Iranian measures to impose a fait accompli on the occupied Emirati islands, and Iran-Gulf relations at the UN General Assembly.

The Yemen file explores the dimensions of the Houthi-Iranian position on the ceasefire and the Presidential Command Council’s response to the Houthis’ intransigence.

The Iraq file explores the cumulative challenges facing the Sadrist Movement in dissolving the Iraqi Parliament, Sadr’s adherence to his demand for the dissolution of the Parliament and the management of the next stage, the challenges facing the Coordination Framework in forming the next government, and the implications of Iran’s attacks on northern Iraq.

The Syria file examines Jordan’s initiative for resolving the crisis in Syria and the threats emanating from Syria, and the possibilities of success or failure of the Jordanian initiative.

In the International Affairs section, the US-Iran file discusses the faltering nuclear talks, mutual leverage, US support for the Iranian protests and the future of mutual relations.

In the context of EU-Iran relations, the IAEA’s warning to Iran regarding uranium enrichment is discussed as well as Raisi’s talks with the E3 group at the UN, and the Albanian government’s severance of diplomatic ties with Iran over cyber-subversion.

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