Iran and violence in the Gulf: An outlook on the realities and a plan for resolution


The Arab writer who raises the issue of Iran in an objective way faces a systematic problem from three perspectives. The first and most important perspective is that some wish to confuse this issue so they can negatively affect it. When some people speak up about the policies of Iran, others hasten to confuse it with the Shiite doctrine. This attitude questions the veracity and objectivity of works produced by those attacking Shiism. It creates a strong case for Iran to make its policies acceptable to the masses, who see that Tehran is not defending an expansionist project, as seen by the realities on the ground. Instead, they believe that Tehran is defending Shiites. Thus, it should be noted that this work is dedicated to criticizing Iranian policies, especially towards its neighbors. This work will not aim at Shiite doctrine based on non-scholarly generalizations, which promotes the notion that all Shiites, especially Arabs, are loyal to Iran. This notion is true in part. Some of them are loyal to Iran on doctrinal, ethnic or political grounds.

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