Jurist Leadership in the Iranian Modern Cult and Political Mentality Intellectual Determinants of the Political Opposition



Fathi Abu Bakr Almaraghi (Ph.D.)

The Iranian Regime claims legitimacy through the Shiite Doctrine
Jurist Leadership (Wilayat Al-Faqih) that grants clerics supreme
authority over the regime and all social categories. The Iranian 1979
revolution broke down the state’s structure practically and theoretically.
It abolished the legitimate monarchy and established a theocratic form of
government where clerics took over the Iranian republic through the theory
of the Jurist Leadership.
This study discusses the intellectual determinants of the Jurist Leadership
Opposition in the contemporary Iranian literature. Although many previous
studies handled this theory and its reflections on the Iranian political system
and the opposition, there is a need to clarify the intellectual determinants
of the Jurist Leadership opposition that contributed to the establishment
of the contemporary Iranian cult and political doctrine.

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